StyloPhora Ice Ball Mold: Review

Ice ball mold guarentee 
 StyloPhora is a company that is “passionate about bringing the best quality products to the market”. They pride themselves on “great customer service and products that exceed your expectations”. StyloPhora manufactures large, deluxe ice ball molds in packages of three. 
StyloPhora’s Ice Ball Molds measure 2.5″ and are made from high-quality, 100% FDA-approved, food grade silicone. They are dishwasher safe and they are BPA free. These Ice Ball Molds are made in China. Stylophora’s Ice Ball Molds come stacked in a plastic container, which is a convenient way to store them in your cupboards. They come with a rubbery blue funnel that expands and fits into the top of the ice ball mold, which has a hole for filling. The top of the ice ball mold simply locks into the bottom, and then you can fill the mold up to the marked fill line on the top of the mold by using your funnel. This ensures that you don’t make a mess everywhere!
StyloPhora’s Ice Ball Molds are really easy to use. You just have to follow these instructions:
  • First, press the bottom and the top of the ice ball mold together firmly.
  • Next, extend the funnel and insert it into the fill hole on the top of your ice ball mold. Pour approximately 100 ml of water (or any other liquid) up to the fill line.
  •  Freeze your ice ball for 4-6 hours.
  • After freezing, pull off the top of the ice ball mold, and then push on the bottom of the mold to pop out the ice ball into your drink.
StyloPhora suggests that you wash their ice ball mold before the first use. They have more tips and tricks to creating the perfectly clear ice ball that you can unlock from their website once you purchase the ice ball mold! 

Ice balls are an innovative new trend which serve as both a touch of style and a convenient summer must-have. The increased surface area of the ice ball allows it to retain its form for much longer than your standard ice cube, even on the hottest day. This means that you can stop going inside to refill your ice, and that you can bring that pitcher of lemonade to the outdoors party without having to worry about it getting hot quickly. Ice balls add style to your cocktails, because, lets face it, they just LOOK fancy! You can actually be very creative with them, because you can freeze any liquid, such as different kinds of juice, to form flavored and colored ice balls to add even more pizazz to your next party. If you are looking to really jazz up a mixed drink or a bowl of sangria, you can freeze chunks of fresh fruit into your ice balls, which also enhance the flavor. 
You won’t have to worry about the ice ball diluting your best scotch or watering down your tequila sunrise, as the unique shape and size allow for very slow melting time. Generally, you’ll be done with your drink before it even finishes melting. This is great for summer, because now you can bring your drinks outside, and they’ll actually stay cold, without you having to drink watered-down alcohol. Another fun thing to do with your ice ball is to make a dog happy on a hot day (see below). Dogs love rolling the ice balls around, and they’re great in the summer when you have your dog outside in the sun — a good hour of entertainment, too!
Right now, you can purchase StyloPhora’s 3 pack of Ice Ball Molds on Amazon, here, for the introductory price of $13.97; shipping is free for Amazon Prime members. The description of the item states that this price is only intact until the first fifty orders have been placed. If you are not completely satisfied with the StyloPhora Ice Ball Molds, they have a LIFE TIME, 100% money back guarantee. 
I really enjoyed StyloPhora’s 3 pack of Ice Ball Molds. I have a few positive and a few negative comments to make. I love the fact that you get three molds, because with a lot of other companies, you only get one or two, and the molds are not as big as these are. I think they have a great design in terms of standing up straight and not spilling or tipping in the freezing, even though I wish you could stack them on top of each other to save a little more space. I think the concept is wonderful — I love being able to make my cocktails more interesting, and to save them from dilution when the sun is beating down in the summer. I think they are a lot fancier than ice cubes, also. I think that juice and fruit freeze really well and my boyfriend said that he is going to keep freezing juice because it makes his drinks taste “way better” and then he can suck on the remaining ice ball because it is “like a popsicle”. I also think the funnel is great…I love how it expands and keeps me from making a mess when I am filling up my ice ball mold.
I did not like the smell of the Ice Ball Mold when I first opened the package – it smelled like strong plastic or rubber, and I was afraid the smell would linger on the ice balls. However, after washing them (before making ice balls), it decreased a lot, and I could not detect the smell on my ice balls at all. I like the way the molds are designed, but I accidentally went a little over the fill line, and I think, for that reason, my ice ball expanded in the freezer and a little water poured out the top. However, I tried to fill my juice ball less because of this, and nearly got the same result. It is probably just me, but I wonder if the molds would benefit from screwing together, which might keep them from potential expansion? My ice balls came out round, but definitely not as perfect as the how-to video on StyloPhora’s website, as there is a ring around the ice ball that is an impression from the inside of the mold. I found it was easier to get the ice ball out of the mold if I ran it under hot water; the top came off easily, but it took a lot of squeezing to get the ice ball to come out of the bottom of the mold. My ice ball and my juice ball did last for a long period of time, especially for a moderately hot day. I made a white cranberry juice ball to put in my pink moscato, and it tasted great and looked stylish. There was no dilution and my drink remained cool. I made a water ball for my dog to chase around, also. Overall, I think this is a pretty well executed design, and I love the concept. I think it is a great gift idea, and as you can see from the video below, my dog loves it, too. 
Interested in learning more about StyloPhora? Check out the link below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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