ARK Survival Seeds: Review

ARK Survival Gear 
 ARK Survival Gear is a company based out of Houston, Texas, whose mission is to help Americans prepare for potential crises. They prepare and package heirloom seeds for the purpose of planting a survival garden. 

I was given the chance to review ARK Survival Gear’s Survival Seeds, so that I could share my opinions with you. ARK Survival Seeds come in a large package, which contains individually wrapped seed packets. Inside the larger package, you will find thirty seed packets with over 7,500 total seeds! There are vegetables and herbs included in this variety. The packaging is paper, which prolongs the life of the seeds for extended storage, opposed to seeds that you purchase with foil or plastic wrap surrounding them. All of ARK Survival Gear’s Survival Seeds are USA sourced and are heirloom seeds.

What are heirloom seeds?
 Heirloom seeds are open-pollinated and handed down through many generations. They are the counterpart to hybrid seeds, which are a cross of two varieties. Hybrid seeds were created to yield more plentiful crops, that are prime for commercial interests, such as creating profit and surviving long trips to supermarkets. Hybrid seeds lack the taste that heirloom seeds have, and the excellence. Heirloom seeds produce juicy and nutritious vegetables, whereas hybrid seeds produce your standard supermarket vegetables. Open-pollination of heirloom seeds means that you can harvest the seeds of your vegetables and continue planting juicy vegetables in the future – you can’t do this with hybrid plants. Heirloom seeds yield higher quality products!
ARK Survival Seeds were carefully selected, and will provide a well-balanced and nutritious survival garden. Survival Seeds are handy to have, because we never know the fate of our economy, or when we will face natural disasters. Also, if you are trying to live a minimalist lifestyle where “living off the land” is important, these seeds are crucial. ARK Survival gear states the following “It’s recommended by the USDA that an average adult requires 8-18mg of iron, 75-90mg of vitamin C and 50-75g of protein a day as a part of a healthy diet. Therefore we purposely plan what seeds we use in our survival pack with this in mind“.
ARK Survival Seeds are GMO-free, have been approved and tested for germination (safe seed pledge), and have been an exceptional choice for generations. Each individual seed packet includes a simplistic paper design with a description of the seed and instructions for planting and tending to that particular plant. In case you have no idea how to go about starting your garden, a free EBook download is included, as well as a series of videos on testing soil pH, common mistakes, planting seeds vs seedlings, germinating seeds, composting, raised garden beds, getting bigger yields, etc. They do a great job of explaining each of these concepts, so you don’t need to worry about your lack of gardening expertise, as they have you covered!
The seeds in the ARK Survival Seeds Kit include the following variety: Sage, Pepper – Sweet, Bull Nose, Cucumber – Straight Edge, Cabbage – Copenhagen Market, Basil – Genovese, Catnip, Tomato – Tommy Toe, Beet – Crosby Egyptian, Tomato – Ponderosa (Beefsteak), Dill, Echinacea, Carrot, Radish – Cherry Belle, Parsley – Italian Flat Leaf, Oregano (Greek), Lettuce – Leaf – Black Seeded Simpson, Alfalfa, Pepper – Chile – Jalapeno, Lettuce – Butterhead – Buttercrunch, Broccoli, Corn – Sweet, Lettuce – Romaine – Parris White Cos, Snap Bush Bean – Kentucky WOnder Bush, Spinach – Viroflay, Squash – Winter – Buttercup, Squash – Summer – Black Zucchini, Pea – Shelling – Green Arrow, Cilantro (Coriander),  Yarrow – White, Kale – Siberian. 

Here is an example of what you will find on each seed packet as far as a description and instructions go:

Kale – Siberian
65 Days. Russian heirloom with ruffled leaves.
Culture: Sow seeds in a soiless mix in pots or in plug trays 4-6 weeks before last killing frost. Keep moist at 75 degrees F until germination, then reduce temperature to 60 degrees F. 4-5 days before transplanting, place seedlings outdoors to harden off. Plant in the garden when danger of killing frost is past. Space 12-24″ apart each way. 
Direct Sow: Sow seeds in rows, 18-30″ apart. Sow 1-3 seeds every 4″. Thin to one plant.

Germination: 7-21 days 
Full Sun
Planting Depth: 1/4″
Plant Height: 12-16″
Right now, you can purchase the ARK Survival Seeds package for just $17.99 on Amazon, here. If you have Amazon prime, there is no charge for shipping. 

I love the ARK Survival Seeds kit. I received the seeds a little out of season to begin planting, but my mom and I plan on planting them next year in her large garden. I love the idea of having a handy “survival kit”, just in case we ever need one. We could hold on to the package, since you can store it for a long period of time, but we decided to maintain the garden each year by harvesting the seeds. I like the simple packaging, as well as the clear cut directions that are included on each seed packet.. the Ebook and videos on the company’s website don’t hurt, either! I am definitely not an expert gardener myself, so it is helpful to have the additional resources. 
I think ARK Survival Seeds have a great balance and variety of vegetables and herbs. It is nice to know that they considered the importance of certain vitamins and minerals when deciding which seeds to include in their Survival kit. Although I haven’t yet planted the seeds, I am eager to see the difference in nutritional value and quality from the standard supermarket vegetables that I usually eat. I think the ARK Survival Seed package has something for everyone, to keep a balanced diet, especially during a crisis. There are seeds for both winter and summer seasons, also. Only one of my seed packets leaked into the larger paper package, but otherwise I think the packaging is very secure and will hold up until next season when I begin to plant the seeds. You get so many seeds, and the price is really quite reasonable! I think this would make a great gift for any avid gardener, survivalist, or anyone who wants to try their hand at making a delicious garden. 
Interested in learning more about ARK Survival Gear? Check out the link below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

14 thoughts on “ARK Survival Seeds: Review

  1. What a super way to save money! Vegetables can be so expensive. Plus you know what in the ground, no chemicals. Thanks for the info.


  2. This topic is gaining so much interest lately. In fact I recently learned the difference between the two kinds of seeds. GMO is a scary thing, I don't think we realize the effects modifications can have!


  3. What a great seed package! I definitely prefer heirloom variety to the GMO ones, for all the possible reasons. I really want to buy this for me! But I need to see if there are any laws that forbid it (outside US).


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