Be Pawsitive Oven Baked Dog Biscuits: Review

Be Pawsitive is a company that manufactures organic, all-natural dog biscuits. Their products are available to purchase as individual bags, or also as part of a monthly subscription box service, where you can stock up on dog biscuits as part of a continuously renewing plan.
When you purchase any Be Pawsitive treat bag or sign up for the monthly treat box subscription, you are also helping dogs in need that are part of rescue organizations or shelters. Needless to say, this cause is one that is very important to me (or I wouldn’t have Lulu!), so I really admire Be Pawsitive for giving back in this way. Every time that you purchase a bag or box of Be Pawsitive treats, another bag is sent to a shelter or rescue organization. This not only gives the dogs something to look forward to that is healthy and yummy — it also helps increase adoption rates! Staff at these organizations can use the Be Pawsitive treats to encourage and reward positive behavior or to help train and socialize shelter dogs. The more social and well-behaved the dogs are, the faster they are welcomed into their forever homes.
What makes Be Pawsitive treats so awesome?
A number of things! First, their ingredients are high-quality and all-natural; you don’t have to worry about feeding your pooch anything that you wouldn’t feel safe eating. Many major dog treat companies include ingredients that are ridden with chemicals, so it is nice to see a brand that cares about our dogs’ health. All Be Pawsitive Treats are USDA certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. They are great for dogs who suffer from food allergies, as they are wheat free and contain no soy or corn products. Be Pawsitive’s dog biscuits are made right here in a carefully monitored factory in the United States — after all of the scares recently with imported, poisonous dog treats, it’s a comfort to feed our dog something that is made in the US. Be Pawsitive’s oven-baked treats are also special because they are made in very small batches, which gives them that “homemade” touch that dogs and people love! There are no fillers in Be Pawsitive’s treats, and they are a very healthy alternative to many leading brands. 

There are currently nine different flavors of Be Pawsitive dog biscuits that your dog can enjoy: Banana Split, Iron Dog, Cheesy Berry, Power Berry, Relax, Rise and Shine, Pizza Party, and Pumpkin Pie. Iron Dog contains ingredients that help with joint dysfunction, digestion, circulation, and anxiety. Relax contains ingredients that can aid in destressing your dog during events like fireworks, vet trips, or thunderstorms. Power Berry is chock-full of antioxidants for natural, revitalizing energy. Each flavor is unique and has special ingredients and properties. 
I wanted to review Be Pawsitive dog biscuits, because I had heard good things about them from fellow bloggers. I have two dogs that I try to keep as healthy as possible, and currently one is living in New York with my parents, and one is living here with me, in Maine. We recently adopted Lulu (5 months ago) after fostering her through our local rescue organization, because we just couldn’t resist. She is a dachshund mix who loves nothing more than EATING and relaxing. She is not an incredibly picky eater when it comes to treats (unlike dog food), but I can definitely tell if she doesn’t like something. She will pick it up, chew it for a second, and spit it back out on the floor. This usually happens with healthy things such as fruits and vegetables. Right now, we just switched over to Petbrosia’s healthy dog food, and I wanted to get her some treats to match. She is a little on the overweight side (we can’t help spoiling her), so I wanted to cut down on anything fatty without depriving her of something to reward positive behavior. 
When I saw Be Pawsitive’s treats, I thought they would make a great snack for Lulu, or treat to reward her when she does something great. They are something that I could give her when we are eating dinner, and something I don’t have to feel guilty about feeding her. I like when I can recognize all of the ingredients, and when the ingredients are all-natural and organic. I want the best for her. I was also really taken with how Be Pawsitive gives back to shelters and rescue organizations. We volunteered at two local rescue organizations by fostering dogs up until we decided to adopt Lulu; now my volunteering is on hiatus until we move and have more room to continue fostering dogs. Nevertheless, it is something that is extremely rewarding. We saved Lulu from owners that had abandoned her in Arkansas. Now, she is a spoiled little dog that loves Maine. Be Pawsitive is definitely the kind of company that I would want to buy treats from, especially knowing that it is helping other dogs like Lulu (since I can’t foster or adopt them all). 
Lulu received a bag of Be Pawsitive’s delicious Banana Split oven-baked dog biscuits. These biscuits are certified organic and contain the following ingredients:
Organic whole oat flour, organic whole barley flour, organic canola oil, organic cooked apples, organic roasted peanut flour, organic bananas, organic chopped peanuts, organic cracked flax seed, and organic rosemary oil
I was happy to give these treats to Lulu not only because they are so healthy, but also because she has some sort of unidentified allergy, which may stem from food. The rescue organization said one of the most likely culprits is either wheat or some type of chicken. Lulu LOVED the Be Pawsitive dog biscuits. I try to limit them to one a day (two on really good days) so that we can make them last. She devours them as soon as I set them on the floor without any hesitation, so I know that she really enjoys them. I’m glad that we can replace fatty and chemical-ridden treats with Be Pawsitive dog biscuits! I highly recommend this company.
You can purchase any 11 oz. bag of Be Pawsitive dog biscuits on their website, here, for just $12.95. The other option is purchasing a monthly subscription box for just $11.95 a month, here. Each monthly treat box contains approximately 50 treats (a little over a month’s supply), and you will receive a new flavor each month. You also receive updates on how Be Pawsitive is helping shelters and organizations. Boxes ship right after you order them, and your subscription is automatically renewed until canceling.
Interested in learning more about Be Pawsitive? Check out the links below:

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