BioTerra Herbs’ Stress…gahh! Supplement

 BioTerra Herbs is a company based out of Irwindale, California, that specializes in manufacturing herbal, dietary supplements. BioTerra Herbs’ products are all-natural and each is uniquely formulated to aid in one of your biological shortcomings. Their herbal supplements can improve the quality of your life and “maximize your body’s effectiveness”. BioTerra Herbs is one-of-a-kind; they are clearly driven by a passion for their products and customers, and they have a humor about them that is unrivaled by other supplement companies.
BioTerra Herbs currently offers nine different products for a wide variety of needs. There is Detox…ahhh for the elimination of toxins and improving liver function. Digestion…belch can help reduce gas and bloating, as well as to relieve stomach pains. If you need an all-natural energy boost, there is Energy…boring. There is Immunity…zap, which can knock out nasty bugs and improve your immune system function. Mental focus…huh? can help you concentrate better and improve your focus. If you need to get a more restful sleep, you can try Sleep…z-z-z. If you feel like you can’t see as well as you used to, or you need to be pro-active with your eye health, there is Vision…zoom. There is even a solution for snoring, if you can’t shut up your significant other — Snoring…shush. Last but not least, BioTerra Herbs manufactures an herbal supplement focused on reducing stress, which is aptly named Stress…gahh! There is something for everyone here…I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have a need for at least half of these supplements. I must be getting old!

I was lucky enough to receive BioTerra Herb’s Stress…gahh! supplement for the purpose of this review. One container of Stress…gahh! contains 60 capsules, which is a one-month supply. Stress…gahh! is formulated to help with lifting the mood of both men and women, as well as tackling everyday stress and anxiety. BioTerra Herbs has the funniest little blurbs about each of their products:
“We all know it well. It’s an unfortunate part of our everyday life and, let’s be honest, it SUCKS. We are faced with ultimate juggling act of “this assignment is due in 10 minutes”, you promised to bring cupcakes to the kids’ school fundraiser, and your phone is swimming in the toilet. We don’t know if it is possible for someone to spontaneously combust from stress overload but we don’t want to find out! Relax. We’ll give you a second in paradise. Mahalo…”
BioTerra Herbs suggests that you take two capsules of Stress…gahh! after a meal once a day. You may not feel the effects of the supplement immediately, as it takes time to “build” in your system. As with any dietary supplement, Stress…gahh! has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. BioTerra Herbs suggests that you do not take this product if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, and that you consult your physician if you have a medical condition or are taking other drugs/supplements before starting to take Stress…gahh! Stress…gahh! is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. There are no known side-effects. The ingredients in Stress…gahh! are as follows (for a serving size of 2 capsules):
Proprietary blend of: Bupleurum (root), Dong Quai (root body), Chinese Peony (root without bark), Bai-zhu Atractylodes (rhizome), Poria (sclerotium), Tree Peony (root bark), Gardenia (fruit), Peppermint, Ginger (fresh rhizome), Licorice (root and rhizome), Vegetarian capsule, and rice flour. 
BioTerra Herbs follow good manufacturing practices, and their products are tested consistently through high performance liquid chromatography and thin layer chomatography. In addition to this testing, their products also receive Microbial analysis and Heavy Metal testing. BioTerra Herbs’ ingredients are globally sourced.

I was excited to try BioTerra Herbs’ Stress…gahh! because stress is one of those things in life that I have little control over. I never used to stress out, but now stress is like my middle name. Medical school has brought out the worst of my anxiety issues, as we are constantly under pressure to get large loads of work done before test days. Sometimes it honestly is too much for me to (mentally) handle all at once, and I feel the effects of the stress taking a toll on my body. I would have to say that the stress is at its absolute worst during exam weeks, where you are mixing time constraints with lack of sleep…it’s the perfect recipe for stress. I understand that there are medications which can help manage stress and anxiety, but I haven’t quite hit that point, at least yet. I feel like my stress comes and goes at the appropriate times, when you would expect any person to be stressed. Now, during the summer, I haven’t been very stressed at all. However, I just started studying again since we will be starting up in just a few weeks, and I can already feel the anxiety brewing. 
BioTerra Herbs really stuck out to me as a unique company. I have to admit that their wit and humor, as well as their creative packaging really drew me in. I honestly can say that I have never seen another supplement company put so much personalization into their products. It may just be “fancy advertising”, but it DOES make a difference, because it makes me want to buy my herbal supplements from them! I feel like BioTerra Herbs cares about their customers, what they are manufacturing, and their image. I think what they have done is genius — they have taken herbal supplements and they have made them attractive to younger people. They have taken the guess work out of foreign herbal names and have made their products into something that everyone can understand and appreciate. Now, you don’t have to Google fifteen herbs to find out what might help you decrease your stress levels…you can just buy the Stress formula! I have also never seen a company with such unique formulas, such as for snoring, vision, and detox. The ingredients are mostly new to me, as well. Many of these herbs I haven’t seen before or tried — I am tired of seeing the same ingredients in other supplements with no variety and just another rushed label slapped on the bottle. I feel like a lot of companies just hopped on the bandwagon of money-making dietary supplements and don’t really care about much else. 
I have been taking BioTerra Herbs’ Stress…gahh! for quite awhile now; I gave my body time to adjust to it and I gave it ample time to start working. I have been taking two capsules a day as recommended, and I feel great. I have no noticeable side effects whatsoever, though I am also taking no other medications currently. My stress and anxiety levels are not yet at their peak, but I have definitely noticed a greater sense of calm in the past few days, while just dealing with your typical stressful situations, such as arguments, dealing with terrible Maine drivers, or having too many blog posts to write in too little time. It isn’t a magic pill, but that isn’t what I wanted. I don’t want to add chemicals to my body or unnecessary medication. Stress…gahh! is good for basic stress and calming emotional moments. I don’t think that it should replace anxiety medication, but for someone like me, it is the perfect solution. It is not everyday that you find an herbal cocktail which can help calm you and relieve stress! I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and family.
Right now, you can purchase Stress…gahh! on the BioTerra Herbs’ website, here, for just $19.99/bottle, which is one 30-day supply. BioTerra Herbs’ products are also available in some local health food stores, or online at,, or Other BioTerra Herbs’ products vary in cost per bottle, and they also offer two “rescue kits”: the JOB Rescue Kit (which contains Stress…gahh! and Mental focus…huh?) for just $27.99, and the RELATIONSHIP Rescue Kit (which contains Snoring…shush and Sleep…z-z-z-) for just $27.99 as well.
Interested in learning more about BioTerra Herbs and their products? Check out the links below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

35 thoughts on “BioTerra Herbs’ Stress…gahh! Supplement

  1. I could use me some natural stress relief pills right about now. I used to take the real deal but would be nice to have a homeopathic alternative that actually works. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I could so use this since I'm always a little ball of stress until I get a chance to do some yoga. & let's all admit that the packaging is super fun!


  3. I haven't tried any BioTerra Herbs, thanks for the introduction! Anything that can make you naturally more calm throughout the day is worth looking into!


  4. I would love to try BioTerra Herbs products. I can think if a few I would like right now, and I am sure we call all use stress relief.twinkle at optonline dot net


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