Dr. Squatch Natural Soap: Review & Giveaway!

Dr. Squatch Soap Company is a small, family and friend-owned business which specializes in manufacturing all-natural, earthy soaps for active men. They are proud to offer high-quality soap which can leave any man’s skin feeling cleansed and smooth. Their name is derived from Sasquatch, who embodies everything that they hope their soap does — independence, freedom, and an active life. Dr. Squatch uses a “Cold Process” method for creating their soap, which has three major steps. The first is mix essential, natural oils with lye and water and then saponify, without heat. Next, they cure and harden the soap for about six weeks. Then, Dr. Squatch hand cuts and packages their own soap. Dr. Squatch Natural Soap has been featured in Birchbox and Bespoke Post!
Dr. Squatch soap comes in bars that are approximately 5 oz in weight, and are sized to fit your hand. They are designed to last through a month’s worth of showers. To prolong the life of your Dr. Squatch soap, they recommend storing it in a place where it can dry between showers, especially one with maximum air circulation. To really get your soap to lather up, try using a loofa, wash cloth, or soap mitt. Dr. Squatch soap is all-natural, and the majority of their soaps use the following five oils as a base: hemp oil, Shea butter, soybean oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. These oils have a healthy mixture of vitamins and nutrients which are really great for your skin; they are designed to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, rejuvenated, and fresh. The only animal products contained within Dr. Squatch soap are those in the Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt and Deep Sea Goat’s Milk bars. 
What are some of the benefits of Dr. Squatch Natural Soap?
Well, it is pretty obvious. We all know that many major soap-manufacturing companies infuse their soaps with a ton of chemicals and unnatural ingredients. These ingredients are absorbed into our skin when we use the soap, and they can be both irritating and dangerous. I learned from Dr. Squatch’s website that many major manufacturers remove glycerin from their soaps, and thus need to add some sort of preservative, and that is where many of the chemicals come in. Some of these dangerous chemicals include: Parabens (possibly cancer-causing), Propylene Glycol (irritating to the skin, neurotoxin), Tetrasodium EDTA (made from carcinogens), Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfate (skin irritant, cancer-causing, liver toxin), and Methylisothiazolinone (allergen and neurotoxin). Dr. Squatch’s natural oil ingredients not only DON’T have these awful side-effects — they have benefits of their own, as well! Coconut oil is loaded with Vitamin E and is a well-known skin moisturizer that can aid in a number of different skin conditions. Olive oil is another natural moisturizer, as well as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory agent, and exfoliant. Organic Shea butter is another moisturizer which helps protect skin from harmful UV rays and pollution. Hemp oil is loaded with essential fatty acids which can help with some medical conditions, and it is also great for growing stronger and thicker hair, as well as obtaining smoother skin.
 Dr. Squatch sells individual bars of soap, but they also offer a “Soapscription”, which is a monthly subscription box. With this option, you can choose your own scents or let the team at Dr. Squatch hand-pick a variety of soaps to be sent directly to your doorstep. You will be shipped and billed quarterly. There are three Soapscription options: Traveler, Bachelor, and Fresh-to-Death. The Traveler is “perfect for the minimalist” and includes one bar of soap per month for a recurring fee of  just $5; this is a savings of 13%. The Bachelor is “the most popular – perfect for most guys” and includes two bars of soap per month for a recurring fee of just $9; this is a savings of 21%. Lastly, the Fresh-to-Death box is for “maximum lathering or sharing  – you shower a lot, we don’t judge” and includes three bars of soap per month for a recurring fee of just $12; this is a savings of 30%. The more you buy, the more you save!
 Right now, you can purchase any single bar of Dr. Squatch Natural Soap on the Dr. Squatch website, for just $6.00. You also have the option of purchasing a Dr. Squatch Gift Box for $30, which contains four bars of soap in a custom, hand-picked cigar box. This is wonderful idea for Father’s Day, or as a gift for you significant other! Dr. Squatch also offers a Soap Saver for $12, which is a 100% cedar wood block that you can rest your Dr. Squatch soap on. The Soap Saver has ridges which allow for air low, increasing the longevity of your soap. Dr. Squatch fully backs their products; if you are in any way unhappy with your purchase, you can return what’s left of your soap for your money-back (within 30 days), as well as a reimbursement for shipping. You won’t WANT to return your soap (believe me), but now you really have nothing to lose by ordering a bar!
The scents of soap that Dr. Squatch offers which are NOT featured in this review are: 
  • Pine Tar – A strong-smelling soap with the scent of pine and the exfoliating powers of oatmeal. This is great for combination skin.
  • Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt –  A soap that has a medium scent of Eucalyptus, which is great for giving you that extra burst of energy and alertness that you need on Monday mornings. This is great for sensitive skin, or when used as a shave bar.
  • Deep Sea Goat’s Milk – A soap that has a medium, earthy scent, and is extra great at moisturizing with the added goat’s milk. This is great for combination skin. 
I received five bars of Dr. Squatch Natural Soap for the purpose of conducting this review (and one to supply a giveaway for you guys!). I got the following scents: Cedar Citrus, Gold Moss Scrub, Spearmint Basil Scrub, Bay Rum, and Cool Fresh Aloe. Since this is manly soap, my boyfriend was happy to assist me in this review by offering his expert opinions…though I’m still the one typing the review — do you see how this works? 😉 
Overall, my boyfriend was THRILLED with Dr. Squatch Natural Soap. He isn’t always a man of many words, but I got him to squeak out his thoughts on this company. He really likes that there is finally a company that is paying attention to men’s hygiene. Mike has no problem using a standard, somewhat “girly”-scented bar of soap, but he much prefers the scents that Dr. Squatch has to offer. He says that they do just as good (if not better) of a job of lathering up and cleaning his skin nicely. Mike really likes the combination of oils in the soaps that he has tried, because he said that his skin feels “softer than ever” when he gets out of the shower. He sometimes forgets to bring shaving cream into the shower, but he found that Dr. Squatch Soap was moisturizing enough on its own, to the point where he didn’t need to climb out of the shower and grab the shaving cream. He often shaves his facial hair when in the shower, and Dr. Squatch leaves him razor-burn free! Mike said that unlike some major soap companies, Dr. Squatch scents are lasting, and he can still detect them throughout the day.. which is great, because he is always hard at work running after children as a lead camp instructor, and working up a sweat. He really felt like this soap was like an extra layer of deodorant. I can smell the scents of Dr. Squatch soap on him when he gets out of the shower, and I am definitely loving it as well — he always smells fresh and clean! Mike loved making the switch to soap that is not full of chemicals, and he really feels the difference that Dr. Squatch is making on his combination skin; it is not at all irritating and is very gentle. I have only used the soap once or twice just to get a feel for it myself, and I second all of the things that he said. I also would like to add that I love having the Dr. Squatch soap in my bathroom… I can actually smell it THROUGH the cabinet, and it is like having an air freshener and stuffy-nose-saver in one. I am more of the “subtle scent” type when it comes to showering, but I do like the smell of these soaps. 
Cedar Citrus

This is Dr. Squatch’s newest scent; it has a medium scent of orange, cedarwood, and rosemary. It contains: Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and Soybean), Shea Butter, Lye, Essential Oils of Orange, Cedarwood (Texas) and Rosemary. It is good for combination (oily/dry) skin. My boyfriend said that Cedar Citrus leaves his skin feeling “very soft” and that it is a great scent for any occasion or any time of day. This is one of the bars of soap that I actually stole and tried for myself! It is definitely a manly scent, but not in a harsh way — it reminds me of the smell of a nice, subtle cologne or an expensive hotel. This bar of soap got two thumbs up!
Gold Moss Scrub
This soap has a medium scent of oak moss, which is a “subtle earthy musk with a hint of freshly ground cocoa and added sea salt“. It contains the following ingredients: Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and Non-gmo Soy), Shea Butter, Lye, Sea Salt, Fragrance. It is great for combination skin. Mike hasn’t gotten to try this bar of soap yet (we only two put of them in the shower, so as not to be wasteful..we just opened the others to smell them and then put them back in the box), but he thinks that it smells really “clean” and “fresh” – definitely the type of scent you would use in the summer. As far as scent goes, this was my favorite smell of all the Dr. Squatch soaps that we reviewed.
Spearmint Basil Scrub
This soap has a medium scent of spearmint, basil, and peppermint. Dr. Squatch states,  When you smell like Christmas cocktails and basil, be careful, people may just mistake you for a scholar, or a distinguished gentlemen.” This soap contains:  Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and Soybean), Shea Butter, Lye, Fragrance, Peppermint Leaves. It is great for combination skin. This was my least favorite scent of the soaps that we reviewed, but my opinion doesn’t matter a whole lot, considering I won’t be using the soap. My boyfriend said, very eloquently, that this soap smells like a “pack of gum”, which, evidently, is a good thing. Boys have the oddest way of describing things!
Bay Rum
This soap has a medium scent of cinnamon, cloves, pine, and orange. It is both sweet and spicy. This soap contains:  Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and Non-gmo Soy), Shea Butter, Lye, Fragrance. It is great for combination skin. This was my second favorite scent of Dr. Squatch’s. Mike put this bar of soap in the shower as well, and has the same feelings about it as the Cedar Citrus. It is soft, lathers up well, and leaves his skin feeling great. He said that this is the type of scent you would want to have when traveling. 
Cool Fresh Aloe
 This soap has a medium scent of aloe and clover — it is refreshing, classic, and natural. Dr Squatch describes it as “Irish Spring that won’t dry out”. This soap contains: Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and non-gmo Soy), Shea Butter, Lye, Fragrance Oil. It is great for combination skin. This was a close tie for first in great-smelling scents. I guess what I am trying to say is that they ALL smell good, and it is really hard to choose a favorite. Mike hasn’t used this bar of soap yet, but he thinks that this is the most “refreshing” of all the scents, and is more for a “play it safe” kind of person, or someone that doesn’t want to have a strong scent. To him, it smells like the standard bars of soap that you get in the store, although he is sure that it feels a lot better. 
Interested in learning more about Dr. Squatch and their products? Check out the links below:
One lucky reader will win a bar of Pine Tar Soap, courtesy of Dr. Squatch! All you need to do is enter on the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to U.S. readers, 18 and over, unless you have permission from your parents. Please be honest when submitting Rafflecopter entries — remember, I DO check all of your entries for verification, and I will throw them out if they are false. If the form has a spot for you to enter information, please provide me with the appropriate username, link, etc so that it is easier for me to verify your entries! I am not responsible for the shipment of the prize, that is the company’s duty. I will contact the winner via email (so make sure to use one that you check) and you will have 48 hours to respond with your shipping information. If you have any questions or if the Rafflecopter is not working properly, you can always contact me via Facebook or email (links on the sidebar). Good luck!!  

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