Angled Kabuki Brush by Simply Essentials: Review

Simply Essentials products are manufactured by Castle Rock Essential Products, Inc. Castle Rock Essential Products, Inc. was founded in 2012 and specializes in home decor, kitchen products, wedding items and health and beauty products. Their mission is to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products. 
Some of the products that Castle Rock Essential Products, Inc. carries are: Baking mats and pans, nail clippers, beauty brushes, and floating flowers. There is something for every occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or bridal shower.
I received the Simply Essentials Angled Kabuki Brush for free, in exchange for writing this review. This brush is great for the application of cream, powder, or even liquid foundation, boasting medium to full coverage. It is 6″ long and 1.5″ wide, with a simplistic design and a wide end. The handle is made from high-quality wood and the bristles are synthetic and very densely packed. This brush is vegan-friendly! The bristles are, as the name suggests, inserted into the brush at an angle for a unique application element. Having the angled design helps you follow the angles and contours of your face, to make sure that you have a “flawless application” and are able to blend with maximum coverage. 

The makers of the Angled Kabuki Brush state that is “great for all types of makeup”, and can easily help you cover blemishes and imperfections. The synthetic bristles and design of the brush are also great for applying contour makeup, which is very trendy lately for special events. It is also great for stippling. The Angled Kabuki brush is made to give you a natural, even look. The synthetic bristles can be washed easily in warm water, and are not prone to collecting large amounts of makeup.
Right now, you can purchase the Simply Essentials Angled Kabuki Brush on Amazon, here, for just $11.49; if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free. Also, if you do not have Amazon Prime and you purchase two or more brushes (for gifts, or an extra for yourself), you qualify for free shipping as well. Simply Essentials stands behind their product and offers a risk-free lifetime guarantee!
I apply liquid foundation every day, whether I am going for a basic look or a night out on the town. Although I am extremely fussy about the way my foundation looks, I have never actually invested in a brush for anything besides my powder and blush, which require it. Many people use synthetic brushes or sponge brushes to apply foundation, but I use my fingers and have never had much of a problem. That being said, I was interested in seeing how the Angled Kabuki brush compared to my normal way of applying foundation, because I hate having to scrub my hands afterward to make sure that I don’t get makeup on anything that I touch throughout the day. The Angled Kabuki brush appears to be high-quality, though I have no other foundation brush to compare it to. The synthetic bristles are very soft on my skin, and have a very wide surface area for maximum, quick coverage. I had no problem with the bristles falling out while I having been using the brush, nor has it gotten crusty or diminished in effectiveness since using it. 
I applied a dab of liquid foundation to my cheeks, chin, and forehead. I then took the Angled Kabuki brush and spread the foundation out, just as I would with my fingers. I found that I was able to spread it out across my cheeks a lot faster and very effectively with the large size and the angle of the brush. In the end, my look was pretty flawless, with great blending on the edges of my face and onto my neck. However, I did think that it was hard to get the foundation around smaller parts of my face, such as around the edges of my nose and under my lips. Given the large size, I couldn’t blend the foundation as effectively in these places. Overall, I think the brush is a good addition to my set, but I will continue to use my fingers for blending in smaller areas of my face. I can’t wait to try this with contour makeup, because I feel it is the perfect brush for that. Also, the Kabuki brush does not easily become full of foundation; it is really easy to clean without damaging it. 
Interested in learning more about Simply Essentials and their products? Check out the links below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

40 thoughts on “Angled Kabuki Brush by Simply Essentials: Review

  1. I have always wondered about Simply Essentials. Thanks for the review. I had NO IDEA you could use a brush for liquid foundation! I have always used my finger or a foam triangle.


  2. It's my first time so hear the brand. I've seen different angled brush from different brands but haven't tried it for applying liquid foundation. I use my generic angled blush brush for applying blushes.


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