The Green Pet Shop – Cool Pet Pad: Review

The Green Pet Shop is a family-owned business which was launched in 2010 by Larry Wright, CEO, and son. The Green Pet Shop’s mission is to manufacture high-quality, eco-friendly products for dogs and cats alike. As dog owners themselves, the president and vice president are committed to providing products with optimum health benefits for our pets, as well as great customer service. The Green Pet Shop sells their innovative products in more than 1,500 retail stores worldwide. They have been featured in magazines, blogs, and local television. 
The Green Pet Shop attempts to reduce their carbon “pawprint” by carrying products that are made from recyclable materials, or have recyclable packaging. They also carry many biodegradable items, and products made from all-natural or organic materials. The Green Pet Shop does not use chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives in any of their products. They try to carry items which are durable, reducing the need for quick disposal. The Green Pet Shop works with sustainable sources to reduce the impact on growing landfills and steadily declining natural resources.  
The Green Pet Shop offers a wide variety of products for cats and dogs. Some of these great items include:
  • Bamboo Pet Bowls
  • Biodegradable Pet Wipes
  • Hot Spot Formula
  • Kat Pak
  • Self-Warming Pet Mat
  • Bio Dispensers
  • Biodegradable Poop Bags
  • Towel and Mitt-Sets
  • Shampoo and Conditioners
  • Ear Cleansers
 They also offer a “Value Pack”, which includes the Bio Dispenser, Biodegradable Poop Bags, and the Biodegradable Pet Wipes at the discounted price of just $19.48.

I was lucky enough to receive The Green Pet Shop’s Cool Pet Pad for the purpose of this review. Lulu, our adopted dachshund mix, was so excited to be able to help me out with this review. I received a medium-sized Cool Pet Pad, which is perfect for dogs that are between 25 and 69 lbs. When we got Lulu, she was just at 25 pounds, and although I haven’t weighed her since, her belly tells me that she has gained at least some weight. The Green Pet Shop also carries a small sized Cool Pet Pad for dogs under 25 lbs, a large Cool Pet Pad for dogs between 70-99 lbs and an extra large Cool Pet Pad for dogs that are over 100 lbs. The medium-sized Cool Pet Pad measures 15.7″ by 19.7″. The Cool Pet Pad won the Family Choice Award in 2014.
The Cool Pet Pad is a really awesome creation, especially for summer, or anyone that lives in a hot climate. As its name suggests, it is a cold and refreshing mat for your dog to lay on in order to cool down on hot days. Not only is it great for warm weather — it can also act as a cooling source for irritated muscles, arthritic joints, or aging bones. It is a great item for older dogs, dogs with medical conditions, athletic dogs, show dogs, or heavier dogs with thick coats that are prone to overheating. Certain medical conditions which The Cool Pet Pad can really help with are: Cushing’s, heatstroke, hip dysplasia, allergies, post surgery or chemotherapy, epilepsy and seizures, or skin conditions  The Cool Pet Pad can be placed on any surface, from your bedroom floor to a dog crate, to a kennel. It is really easy to transport, as it folds up and is not extremely heavy. This makes it the ideal product for long, hot car rides! You can place it on your back seat for your dog to lay on, and even in the hotel, or outside at the camp site.
The Cool Pet Pad is safe and non-toxic for pets and is created from very durable materials. It is “paw-puncture safe”. It is easy to clean with just a washcloth and water. To ensure that mold does not form on the surface of the pad, allow it to dry completely before storing it. You should store it in a cool, dry, and ventilated area. If it remains folded in storage for a long period of time, you should place pieces of fabric between the folds, to reduce the amount that the faces of the pad are touching. The Green Pet Shop recommends that you do not leave the Cool Pet Pad in direct sunlight, heat, or hot air for an extended period of time, as it will reduce how effective the pad is.
How does the Cool Pet Pad work?
The Cool Pet Pad has a unique, patented technology that does NOT involve refrigeration or electricity. You do not have to fill the pad with water. It contains a special, non-toxic gel that is activated by weight or pressure. When your dog lays on the Cool Pet Pad, the pressure activates the gel and it will be cooler than the surrounding temperature for 2-3 hours of continuous use. After that period of time, it will need to be “recharged”, which just involves removing the pressure. To speed up this process you CAN place it in ice water, freeze it, or refrigerate it, but this is not necessary. The Cool Pet Pad will also begin to recharge if your dog shifts weight or position.
You can purchase The Cool Pet Pad here, on The Green Pet Shop’s website. The small size retails for $24.99, the medium size for $39.99, the large $59.99, and the extra large $84.99. The Green Pet Shop also sells a Cooling Pad Cover that you can use to protect your cooling pad, which retails for $14.99. The Green Pet Shop products are also available in many specialty pet stores throughout the world!
So what did Lulu think? She LOVES The Cool Pet Pad! We have alternated from having it in our living room during the day and our bedroom at night. Even though we live in Maine and not in the South, temperatures have gotten pretty high within the last few weeks. My mother came to visit and actually bought us an air conditioning unit, because it was getting that sticky and hot in here. Lulu does not have a thick coat, but she is a little bit on the overweight side, and she is not a very active dog. That being said, she gets hot pretty quickly after she has been moving around or playing. Before we had the air conditioning unit (which is only in one room), she was panting a lot, so I knew that she was getting overheated towards the afternoon. Our bedroom is still really hot, even with the fan going or the windows open. I can’t even sleep with a blanket, so I can’t imagine how she feels, with the extra layer of fur. The Cool Pet Pad really helps. She lays on it when it gets too hot at night, or even when the air conditioning is not sufficient in the living room. When we go on long trips, or even to the store on a hot day, I make sure to bring The Cool Pet Pad in the car — she loves laying on it on our back seat! 
The Cool Pet Pad came at the perfect time. A few days ago, Lulu tried to jump onto the couch, and somehow got stuck between the ottoman and the couch, and I believe she hurt one of her legs. For the past few days, she has had some difficulty jumping or climbing the stairs, even though I can’t directly locate the problem. It seems to get worse at night, but she is not crying in pain, shaking, eating different, or having different bowl movements, so I think it is problem just a muscle strain or something. Regardless, The Cool Pet Pad is really giving her relief at night. I make sure that she sleeps on it to try and help her issue. Even when I put my hand on The Cool Pet Pad, I can really feel the difference as the gel becomes active. My boyfriend joked that he could use a Cool Pet Pad for himself — we didn’t realize that the founders of The Green Pet Shop are actually making this technology for humans, as well. I think it’s great! It is so nice not having to put Lulu’s Cool Pet Pad in the freezer for several hours before being able to use it. This new technology is so easy and makes everything more hassle-free. I have never seen this type of product for a dog, and Lulu and I highly recommend it. It is an awesome gift for any pet lover, because it is so unique and works so well.
 Interested in learning more about The Green Pet Shop and their products? Check out the links below:

36 thoughts on “The Green Pet Shop – Cool Pet Pad: Review

  1. Lovely review of this product and very informative. I'm sure my pets would love this on hot days and nights and older pets to soothe aching muscles. Hoping your poochie is on the mend soon.


  2. This is a really cool invention for a furry friend! This pad would be really great for an overheated dog or one that has an injury like your cute little pooch. Very neat.


  3. This is a great innovation for pets. I know how they feel if the weather is hot. I hope this will be available here in our country. Hope your dog recovers well.


  4. Hitting two birds in one stone. This product is not only animal friendly but also environmental friendly. Kudos to the family who started this business.


  5. This looks like an amazing product! I know my dogs would love it! Haha The plop on the kitchen floor when the come in from the heat! Thank you for sharing! I hope your dog feels better!


  6. For me, a reliable cooling pad is a need. This is one of the few necessities that some pet parents take for granted. Cooling pads help in regulating temperature especially during those heat spikes that happen all year round. Thanks for this product review because it really emphasized the features. In relation to this, I’d like to share a detailed article about the things that are needed to be considered when buying a cooling pad for dogs:


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