Wag More Bark Less: Review

Wag More Bark Less products are manufactured by True Dogs, LLC; they are a company based out of both Portland, OR and Boulder, CO. True Dogs, LLC’s mission is to provide high-quality products for dog-lovers and dogs alike, while reducing their ecological footprint. True Dogs, LLC uses natural, upcycled, and recycled materials whenever possible. They are a group of dog lovers themselves, with team members from major corporations such as Nike and Under Armour. True Dogs, LLC gives back to the dog world by giving a percentage of their profits to shelters and humane societies throughout the country.
Wag More Bark Less has something that every dog-lover and dog will enjoy! They offer such a wide variety of products. Some of the things that they manufacture include:
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Dog Toys
  • Ceramic Dog Bowls
  • Plastic Tumblers
  • Water Bottles
  • Cinch Sacks
  • Tire Covers
  • Canvas Totes
  • Dog Treats
  • Hats
  • Stickers and Magnets
All Wag More Bark Less products can be purchased online, through their website. There are also a number of specialty pet stores throughout the country which carry Wag More Bark Less items, so make sure to take a look at the nearest pet store near you. 

I was lucky enough to receive a “Stretch” Coffee Mug for myself, and a Hollow Crazy Bounce Tug Toy – Mini (purple) for Lulu, our Dachshund mix. I was very excited, because I have heard great things about Wag More Bark Less, and it was nice to get a product for both myself and my dog. Lulu definitely appreciates reviewing products!
The “Stretch” Coffee Mug that I received is a red, ceramic mug that features Stretch, a Dachshund, on the front. The Dachshund is in green print, along with the “Wag More Bark Less” slogan. This is a 13 ounce stoneware coffee mug that is both dishwasher and microwave safe. True Dogs, LLC sent me this mug so that I can proudly flaunt my love for Dachshunds! There are also a variety of other mugs; one features “Brutus” the Bull Dog, one has “Pedro” the Chihuahua and another has “Lunk” the Great Dane. The other coffee mugs feature more generic dog silhouettes. You can purchase the “Stretch” Coffee Mug on the Wag More Bark Less website, here, for just $12.00.
I think this mug is absolutely adorable, coming from a Dachshund owner. It is very high-quality, and I have already tested it in the microwave and hand-washed it with no problem. I want a whole collection of them, because the mug looks so cute in my cupboard. I have a Keurig, so I get A LOT of use out of coffee mugs. I will be using my new mug even more when I start back up at school in a few weeks. I always used to bring a tumbler, because none of my mugs were cute enough. The “Stretch” Coffee Mug (or any of the other varieties) make wonderful gifts for any dog-lover.
The Hollow Crazy Bounce Tug Toy that Lulu received is a perfect toy for any dog that is small or medium sized. Lulu is 25 pounds, but sits low to the ground and has quite a belly on her, so she definitely prefers smaller toys. The Hollow Crazy Bounce Tug Toy consists of a natural (not synthetic, like dog toys from many major companies), rubber crazy bounce chew toy attached to a small, all-natural, cotton knotted rope. The rope is 6″ long and the Crazy Bounce toy is 2″ long. This toy is non-toxic and biodegradable. The Hollow Crazy Bounce Tug Toy is phthalate, petroleum, and PVC free. It is sustainably harvested. For larger dogs, there is a blue Hollow Crazy Bounce Tug Toy with a longer rope and larger bounce toy. The Hollow Crazy Bounce Tug Toy – Mini can be purchased on the Wag More Bark Less website, here, for just $12.00.
When we first adopted Lulu, we had a hard time finding toys that she enjoyed playing with. She didn’t seem to like any toys that were too big, or anything that wasn’t very interactive. I have learned that you have to rile her up to get her in a playful mood (it doesn’t take too much), and that the more she can do with the toy, the better. I was pleasantly surprised when I gave the Hollow Crazy Bounce Tug Toy to Lulu; she went wild with it! As you can see in the pictures, she loves to roll upside down and tug/chew on the rope and rubber. It must be extremely durable, because she has chewed apart many of the rubber toys we have purchased for her in the past, especially those with squeakers in them! She hasn’t even left a mark on the Hollow Crazy Bounce Tug Toy, so I hope that it will be a long-lasting favorite. This in itself is reason enough to buy the Wag More Bark Less toys — any dog owner knows how expensive it can get to keep buying new toys every time your dog destroys one. When she is not happily chewing on it herself, Lulu loves to play fetch and tug with me. This toy is the perfect size for her mouth, and for her to hold onto with her paws when she is playing. I know that she loves this toy, because I keep putting it back into her little toy area, and it keeps magically appearing on the living room floor! This toy certainly made her wag more and bark less. This is a very versatile toy, because your dog can enjoy chewing, tugging, or fetching — it is great for all kinds of activities! I love that it is free of chemicals, because I would not want Lulu chewing on it if it was not. Many dog toys these days are poorly and cheaply made, and it scares me to think what is in them that could potentially be getting into my dog’s system.
Interested in learning more about Wag More Bark Less and their products? Check out the links below:

49 thoughts on “Wag More Bark Less: Review

  1. My mom would love this for her dog. She is a dog lover to the 10th power. She makes me refer to her dog as my brother it kinda creeps me out but hey what can you do.


  2. How cool is that?! Spoil the dog and its owner all in one!I really could use a new mug since I broke my two favourites in one week! I hate to say it but no matter how durable, my dog can chew through just about everything. He eats big beach rocks. Yup.


  3. These look like some great dog products for dogs and owners alike. I love that they are eco-friendly! I lost my dog several years ago in a bad accident and I have never been able to give my heart away again but I continue to support dog charities and love when a company is responsible with it's products. Will tell all of my friends about them!


  4. I love the tagline “wag more, bark less”.. also loved the red coffee mug… I own a shephard and a cocker.. but your baby is adorable as well (hate to call them dogs).. 😀


  5. This is a great review and my furbabies are #1 in my life . . . so I totally get watching out for what they are eating or chewing on. And I love the name, thats what life is all about.


  6. Every dog we've ever had has the tug toy with the rope. All the dogs love them and it looks like Lulu does too. $12 is a good price. I know I've pay $15+ for those. Too cute!


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