Opie & Dixie’s Wholesome Pet Solutions: Review

Opie & Dixie’s Wholesome Pet Solutions was founded in 2008 by Debbie Guardian, a dog-lover and owner. Debbie realized that there were a shortage of all-natural and organic grooming products for pets available on the market. She wanted the best for her two dogs, Opal and Dixie, so she created Opie & Dixie’s Wholesome Pet Solutions with this in mind. Opie & Dixie’s mission is to produce high-quality, all-natural grooming aids for dogs and cats alike. They strive to enhance and prolong the lives of our pets by reducing the number of chemicals that they have to interact with. 
Opie & Dixie’s products contain no pesticides, synthetics, or chemicals. Many companies include dangerous ingredients in their grooming products for pets (as well as in human skincare products), which are easily absorbed into your cat or dog’s skin. From there, these chemicals get right into the bloodstream, and can have a number of long-term, negative side effects. With Opie & Dixie’s products, you are avoiding ingredients such as parabens (known carcinogens and allergens), propylene glycol (a petroleum derivative), EDTA (a potential toxin), diazolidinyl urea (potential allergen and carcinogen), mineral oil (immune system and respiratory toxin that can cause ear infections), sulfates (skin irritants), TEA (a carcinogen) and synthetic fragrances (irritants).
Another way that Opie & Dixie’s products are eco-friendly is through their sustainable packaging. They have two types of labels. In one, they use biodegradable materials which are even made with wind-power, non-toxic ink, and all-natural glue. They are printed on eco-paper. In their other Terraskin label, Opie & Dixie uses biodegradable materials which are free of bleach. Any containers used at Opie & Dixie are recyclable, or BPA-free. It is nice to see a company that cares to make their products natural from the inside, out!
Opie & Dixie’s Wholesome Pet Solutions offers a variety of innovative grooming aids for your cat or dog. Some of these include:
  • Oatmeal and Almond Shampoo
  • Organic Rosehips Minute Mist (Dry Shampoo, conditioner and detangler)
  • Organic Smooth Coat Botanical Creme Rinse and Conditioner
  • Organic Super Gentle Puppy & Kitten Shampoo
  • Pawstik
  • Snoutstik

Opie & Dixie’s products can be purchased online, through their website, or at a number of local, specialty pet stores throughout the country.

I was lucky enough to receive Opie & Dixie’s Healing Paw Balm and Organic Ear Wash for the purpose of this review. Again, Lulu, our Dachshund mix, was so excited to be able to help me review these items! We really care about her health, so we like to use as many all-natural products on her as possible.
Opie & Dixie’s Healing Paw Balm is an all-natural, specially formulated product that can help relieve the pain of dry, cracked pads on the underside of your dog’s paws. It is great for both summertime and winter, and is both soothing and protective. Opie & Dixie’s Healing Paw Balm comes in a 2 oz. tin container with minimal, eco-friendly packaging.
Opie & Dixie’s Healing Paw Balm contains the following ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Calendula Petals, Chamomile, Comfrey Root, Jojoba Seed Oil, Beeswax, Plantain, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Basil
What special properties do some of these ingredients have? 

Opie & Dixie provides an extensive overview of the benefits of their Healing Paw Balm ingredients. To give you some idea, here are a few of the properties of each ingredient:
Sweet Almond OilMoisturizer, anti-inflammatory agent, anti-itching
Olive Oil – Contains Vitamin E and A, moisturizes and softens
Shea ButterContains Vitamins A, E, and F, helps heal wounds and cracked skin
Aloe VeraAnti-inflammatory agent great for allergies and healing
CalendulaAnt-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal agent
Chamomile Soothing to burns and wounds
ComfreyAntibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal agent
Jojoba Seed OilAntioxidant-rich
Beeswax – Antibacterial agent, good for healing
Plantain Oil – Soothing lubricant, great for skin
Vitamin EAntioxidants-rich, great for skin conditions
 Lavender OilGreat for anti-itching
Rosemary – Natural disinfectant, relieves dryness and pain
Tea Tree OilAntiseptic and antibacterial agent
Basil Oil Antibacterial agent, relief from skin infections and wounds
The Healing Paw Balm is easy to use — all you have to do is rub it on the underside of your dog’s paws, on their pads, after you take a long walk, or after your pet has been exposed to harsh weather conditioners, salt (that you put down for ice), hot cement, etc. It is not recommended for cut, torn, or blistered paws. You can purchase the Healing Paw Balm here, on the Opie & Dixie website, for just $14.99.

Opie & Organic Ear Wash is great for cats and dogs. It is a non-medicated, all-natural product that can help reduce bacteria, wax, and dirt that has built up in your pet’s ears. It has a gentle formula that soothes your pet’s ears while relieving any discomfort from inflammation or ear infection. It can help to remove odor associated with bacteria, as well as yeast infections. It is safe and effective!
Opie & Dixie’s Organic Ear Wash contains the following ingredients:
Spring water, organic peppermint, organic spearmint, organic lemon eucalyptus, organic tea tree, organic rosemary
What special properties do some of these ingredients have? 

Again, Opie & Dixie’s website gives a great overview of the ingredients and what they do. Here’s a sneak-peek:

  • Organic Peppermint Cooling properties, pain relief, skin nourishment
  • Organic Spearmint – Antibacterial and antiseptic, helps with infections and improves blood circulation
  • Organic Lemon Eucalyptus Antiseptic and antifungal, wards off insects
  • Organic Tea Tree – Healing, pain relief, antibacterial and antiviral agent
  • Organic RosemaryAnti-inflammatory agent, soothes, relieves pain and odors

Opie & Dixie’s Organic Ear Wash is recommended for cats and dogs that are over 8 weeks old. All you have to do to use the Organic Ear Wash is to lift your pet’s ear, drop a few drops into the outer ear canal, and then gently massage them in. You can use a cotton ball to You can purchase the Organic Ear Wash here, on the Opie & Dixie website, for just $10.99.

As you can see from the pictures, Lulu desperately needed to review Opie & Dixie’s Healing Paw Balm. It is hard to photograp her pads, but basically the discolored patches are where her pads are either cracked or infected. Ever since we got her, we noticed that her pads are extremely rough and, we assume, are very sore and irritated. I am not sure what is causing this to happen, as she rarely spends a lot of time outside, and I try never to take her for walks on hot cement or close to salt in the winter. She does have some sort of skin allergy, as identified by her previous vet. They are unsure what she is allergic to, exactly, but it makes her itchy all over. Her paws actually seem to bother her the most — we always catch her biting the tops, and in between her pads on the bottom. I noticed that on the paw in the picture above, she has bitten between her pads so much that she has made her skin there raw and red. With both cracked/irritated pads and itchy, allergy-ridden skin on her paws, Lulu needed some sort of remedy. Opie & Dixie’s Healing Paw Balm is great, because, first of all, it is all-natural, which means I don’t have to worry about her licking it or about chemicals being absorbed into her skin. I feel safe using it, and using it whenever she needs it (unlike medications). It is really easy to apply, if you have a pooch that lets you touch their paws (we are lucky!). I really think the different ingredients help relieve some of her pain; she is not irritated by the smell or the feel of the paw balm. She does try to lick it off, but then we just reapply it when she looks tired. It has been making a huge difference in how dry and rough her pads are — as you can see from the pictures, it really moisturizes them and makes them nice and smooth. It is helping to heal the cracks, and I have been putting it close to the raw skin, because I feel like it helps soothe that as well. This is the first time I have seen an organic paw balm, so we are very grateful to have this product. I hope her paws will be shiny and new within a month or so! We highly recommend this product.

Since Lulu has skin allergies, she has periods where she becomes itchy all over. Besides chewing and biting her paws, she really does a number on her ears. She itches them with her back paws pretty forcefully, and causes them to become even more red and irritated. I haven’t noticed an actual ear infection that would need immediate vet attention, but I have noticed some dirt and wax build-up. I am pretty sure most of the itching is due to the allergies. I was so excited to be able to use Opie & Dixie’s Organic Ear Wash on Lulu’s ears. It is quick to put a few drops in, and she handles it really well. We even get time to massage it in before she shakes her head! We used to use a powder on her ears that we got from a local pet store. I really hated it, because it had the strongest, almost metallic smell, and it was full of chemicals. I always worried about her itching her ear afterwards and then licking it. Opie & Dixie’s Organic Ear Wash has a nice, light scent, and it makes me feel a lot safer. It does a great job of removing some of the build-up, and I really think it helps soothe her ears. I even use it in a preventative way against bacteria and infections. Both of these products are making a big difference!

Interested in learning more about Opie & Dixie? Check out the links below:

38 thoughts on “Opie & Dixie’s Wholesome Pet Solutions: Review

  1. Your pets are lucky because this kind of products are widely available in your place. Here in our country I think there are limited brands offering pet care products.


  2. I love all natural products whenever I can get them. The sustainable packaging is a huge plus for me. I work at a vet, and I have a few tips for your little pooch and her itchy skin/palms. In addition to treating with these products, do these things, and you'll see a vast improvement.1: Give her fish oil once a day. Fish oil is great for the skin and it helps combat some symptoms of allergies.2: Every time she comes in from the outside, wipe her paws down with baby wipes to remove any pollen that may be on her skin.3: Bathe her once a week with aloe and oatmeal shampoo (the shampoo in your review is an excellent replacement) making sure to really massage it into her pads. Also, be sure to rinse thoroughly. Although bathes are great for the skin, if any soap is left on the skin it can be an irritant.


  3. The good part about them is their natural instinct as pet owners. I'm sure each product are safe and effective plus it's mostly organic.


  4. My daughter loves using all natural skin care products. I am so glad to see that they now offer all natural products for dogs. I always worry about the types of foods/skin care products I use on my dogs, and the types of chemicals that are in them. I am most certainly going to try this out!


  5. Amazing products. We try to give our two Corgi's only the best. We even have them on a raw diet – raw bones, chicken, meat, and veggies. We also try to find organic products to spray on them to keep away pests.I am looking more into these products. I really appreciate you sharing!!!!!


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