Everything Doormats: Review

Everything Doormats (under the N & W Sales LLC brand) was founded in 2011, in Des Moines, Iowa. Everything Doormats specializes in selling doormats, welcome mats, rugs, etc., for both indoor and outdoor use. Their mission is to provide high-quality, innovative products at reasonable prices. Everything Doormats prides themselves on having excellent customer service and a wide variety of products.
Everything Doormats offers something for nearly every occasion, style, and need! They have seasonal doormats, perfect for holidays or welcoming in new weather. There are college team doormats and area rugs, which can add the perfect touch to your new dorm room. Everything Doormats carries unique children’s rugs, featuring both roads (for interactive play) and customizable, washable designs (which can be colored over and over again). They sell your standard “at home” and “welcome” mats, which can be used inside or outside, depending on your taste. There are funny welcome mats, such as one that states, “Please Remove your Shoes. The Dog needs something to chew on.” There are wildlife/animal doormats, military doormats, and coir doormats. Everything Doormats offers boot trays and handwoven door mats. Other unique products that they sell include: anti-fatigue mats (to take strain off your back if you spend a lot of time standing), yoga and exercise mats, commercial and industrial mats, and unique area rugs. If you need a design update in any aspect of your home, Everything Doormats has a solution!

 I was lucky enough to receive the Roman Roads Masterpiece Mat for the purpose of this review. I was originally searching for a “welcome mat” which could add a touch of style to the entryway in my apartment. I live in an upstairs apartment, but you first have to come in another door, into a small hallway, before you climb the stairs to my apartment. Since we moved in a year ago, there has been a small, shabby little rug that was probably there from the previous owners. We continue to make it worse, and more dirty, every time we come in with muddy feet…whether it be winter or summer. I wanted something that would make the entryway look a little more presentable, and would also be functional. The rug we have down there right now is certainly not a doormat, and it just seems to absorb dirt. It doesn’t really help, because mud can still be tracked up the stairs into our apartment. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only place that I need a new doormat, which is something I realized AFTER I got the Roman Roads Masterpiece Mat. My boyfriend thought I wanted it in our apartment, in the kitchen, next to the back door. Once I saw it there, it actually looked really nice. Our back porch was kind of non-functional when we first moved here, but we have been cleaning it out and trying to make a nice space out of it. We recently purchased a grill, which just fit on the top of the back steps, so now we are going in and out frequently to cook, and dragging in dirt each time. So, really, I am happy having the doormat in either location!
I first looked at the “At Home and Welcome Mats” section of Everything Doormats, to choose something that would fit my apartment. The majority of these mats are indoor/outdoor, and there are a variety of styles to choose from, including: flagstone rocks, French garden topiaries, wood, rustic lattice, flowers, stone garden, leaves, etc. I chose The Roman Roads Masterpiece Mat because I thought it looked like one of the highest-quality mats, and had a simple, yet elegant style which would be appropriate for my entryway. It features a unique design around the outside, and realistic looking stones in the center. It is appropriate for both indoor or outdoor use.
The Roman Roads Masterpiece Mat measures 22″ x 36″ x 5/8″ thick and is made through a process referred to as “flocking”, which attaches synthetic or natural fibers to a strong rubber backing with adhesive. I found out that the rubber backing is a recyclable base, which means that this product is eco-friendly…even better! The Roman Roads Masterpiece Mat is designed for comfort and durability, with the strong rubber backing. It is coarse, which allows it to easily trap dirt and other materials. It does not budge easily and has reduced reflectivity, making it great for any weather condition (no slippage!). Cleaning and caring for any doormat from Everything Doormats is simple! This particular doormat can be easily scrubbed down with a sponge and hosed off. Then, you just need to leave it out to try.
I was thrilled with the quality of the Roman Roads Masterpiece Mat. You can really tell when a mat is cheaply made — flimsy, easy to get dirty, and barely stays in place. This one is none of the above! It is fairly heavy and super durable. Once you set the mat down, no matter how wet it gets from the rain, it doesn’t slide around…you don’t have to worry about running in from a down-pour and falling on your face! I love that it really helps keep dirt and mud from being tracked into the apartment…the way that it is designed with grooves traps the dirt easily, without having to wipe my feet much. The design is really beautiful! It looks like it costs a lot more than it does, and would make an excellent addition to most forms of decor, whether it be simple, modern, bold, etc. I ended up leaving it in the kitchen in front of the entry to the back porch, where my boyfriend originally put it. Now I need another one for downstairs! I do love it in the kitchen, because our floor used to get sticky and dirty really fast, and now it isn’t at all. I think it really adds something to the kitchen, since I’m not allowed to paint, or do anything else that involves changing the walls/counters/etc. When you live in an apartment, tiny changes like these make your space more personal!
You can purchase the Roman Roads Masterpiece Mat, here, on the Everything Doormats website. It retails for just $24.99. Each additional mat that you purchase will help you save on shipping; orders over $150 qualify for free shipping!
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26 thoughts on “Everything Doormats: Review

  1. That is a beautiful doormat! I love the way it looks like it has real stone. And for that price?! I have to see what else they offer (especially since I literally just threw a doormat out today & have nothing to replace it with yet).


  2. I bought my doormat on looks alone and it moves a lot. This is a very reasonable priced durable product.


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