PetBox Subscription – July 2014: Review

PetBox is a company which was founded in 2013 by owners Sean Conton and Will Ford, in San Diego, California. PetBox is a unique, monthly subscription service centered around dogs and cats. They strive to provide monthly shipments of high-quality, USA-made, unique products that both pet-owners and pets will love. PetBox works with pet professionals to ensure that their products are healthy; they also help shelters, and pets in need! For every PetBox purchase, a rescue animal will be fed. Also, every Friday, PetBox users choose a rescue shelter to send shipments of cat and dog food to! PetBox has quickly become a dog-owner favorite and one of the “fastest growing ecommerce start-up brands” in San Diego.
 How does it work?

PetBox offers four different monthly subscription options – something for everyone! The first is the Snack box, which includes one surprise treat from PetBox’s healthy collection, as well as samples and coupons. The Snack box is $9.95 per month, with free shipping, if ordered monthly. The next option is the Deluxe box, which includes 2-3 surprise items, as well as samples and coupons. The Deluxe box is $19.95 per month, with free shipping, if ordered monthly. PetBox offers a Premium box, which includes 4-6 surprise items OR a customized shipment with dog OR cat items. The Premium box is PetBox’s most popular option! The Premium box is $39.95 per month, with free shipping, if ordered monthly. The last option is the Multiple Pet box, which includes 7-12 customized cat and/or dog items from PetBox’s collection. The Multiple Pet box is $59.95 per month, with free shipping, if ordered monthly. If you order your PetBox three months at a time, you can save up to five dollars per box. If you order your PetBox yearly, you save the most — up to ten dollars per box!

I was lucky enough to receive a Premium PetBox for free, in exchange for this review. Lulu was so excited! She always watches all of these packages come to the door for me, but she rarely gets to help me open any for her. I brought the PetBox in, and I think she could smell the treat inside, because she was very eager to help me tear through the wrapping and get to the good stuff. I laid it all out for her to look at, and as you can see from the picture, it didn’t take her long to claim the new items! Shipping was very fast, and the packaging is SO cute – inside the cover of the box is a little saying where you can write your pet’s name and their favorite product in the box.

What did I get in my box?

A Twigo Pet ID Tag
ARV: $9.99

This ID tag is actually really cool! It comes with a flexible tag (ours was pink and white, for my little girl) that you can easily attach to your pet’s collar. Rather than needing to be engraved, it comes with a pen. You can personalize your own tag, and if you make a mistake, you can just rinse it off! All you do next is drop your Pet ID tag in some boiling water (stove or microwave), for just 3 minutes. Then, you remove it and let it stand for 30 minutes. Ta-da! Now you have a customized ID tag, where you can put your phone number and your pet’s name. Even if the ink fades over time, you can just redo it. It is weather-proof, light-weight and non-toxic. If you are looking to purchase one individually, they come in several different designs and colors, such as stars, hearts, crowns, and bones.

We didn’t have an ID tag on Lulu, besides the one that indicates that she has a microchip, and the one that indicates she lives in York County. I am glad to have this, honestly, because I have found dogs outside TWICE since moving to this apartment that were not on their leashes (there is a law against that here). One did not have a collar OR an ID, so I took her inside, and ended up having to call Animal Control. Luckily the owners called as well, and were able to come get her eventually, but what if they hadn’t? Or what if she had managed to travel into a different town, with a different Animal Control? That worried me a lot, because Lulu sometimes likes to dart outside after cars and animals, and if someone picked her up, they might not know who to call. I like having a reusable tag, not an engravable one, because we will keep moving several times as I make my way through medical school. This was definitely a great product!

Nature’s Miracle Green Leaf Stain & Odor Remover
ARV: $8.79

This Stain & Odor Remover has a Water Lily scent, and is made with all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for your pets and children. The packaging and ingredients are biodegradable, and it does not contain ammonia, sulphates, silicones, chlorine, or any other harsh chemicals. This Stain & Odor Remover is great for getting rid of urine or other pet odors, and even contains a stain block to prevent your pet from “resoiling”. It works on carpets, fabric, upholstery, etc. It can be used on even the toughest of stains and odors.

The very day I received our PetBox in the mail, Lulu ended up getting sick, and must have thrown-up in our bedroom when I wasn’t paying attention. By the time I found it, it was already sinking into the carpet (gross!), and starting to smell. I whipped out my new cleaner, and as you can see, it took care of the vomit rather quickly.. no stain, and no more odor! Lulu rarely pees in the house, but every once in awhile, she does have an accident when we have to leave her for long periods of time. I am always worried about what cleaner I use, because I want to make sure it is safe for her to be around, in case she walks on it or licks it. I don’t have to worry with Nature’s Miracle. I love the ingredients, and having this for the future! This is definitely a great product.

PawGanics’ Deep Cleansing Grooming Wipes
ARV: $5.99

PawGanic’s Deep Cleansing Grooming Wipes are gentle, all-natural pet wipes that can help remove any odors and dirt that your pet may accumulate between baths. These wipes are hypoallergenic, as well as alcohol and lanolin free, so you don’t have to worry about them hurting your pet’s sensitive skin. These wipes have a Fresh Mandarin scent, and contain Vitamin E and Aloe for deep conditioning, revitalizing, and moisturizing of your pet’s coat and skin. They are soft and biodegradable – another eco-friendly item! You can use these wipes on your pet’s paws, ears, coat, and even around their face.

This is another product that we will definitely use on Lulu. Even on short walks three times a day with a SHORT coat of hair, she manages to get herself dirty, and tracks that dirt inside with her. My boyfriend usually rubs her off with a towel before she is allowed to enter most of our apartment, but these wipes would be a lot easier! Lulu lets us do pretty much anything, including touching any part of her, so these will work great. I am not afraid to use them, because I trust the all-natural ingredients..I don’t worry about her licking herself afterwards. This is a great way to remove dirt and any bad smell, and these will last us awhile!

Yaky Charms Pop ‘Em
ARV: $2.19

Yaky Charms are, essentially, like microwave popcorn for dogs. They are made like an ancient Himalayan recipe, with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives. All that they contain is cow milk and yak milk, salt, and lime juice. You microwave them on high for 1-3 minutes, and allow them to cool for 2 minutes before feeding them to your dog. They can also be stored for future use if your dog does not finish them!

This is such a unique treat! I literally have never heard of microwaving anything like popcorn for dogs. Lulu LOVES popcorn..well..she loves pretty much any treat, so I figured she would have a ball with these. I gave her a small handful as a reward, and she loved them. I like that they are relatively inexpensive — you don’t have to give them to your dog all at once, so you can space the treats out to make them last. All-natural ingredients are definitely the way to go, and I enjoyed having something unique to feed Lulu.

Bionic 2-in-1 Interactive Toss-N-Tug Toy
ARV: $15.99

The Bionic Toss-N-Tug Toy is pretty creative, as far as dog toys go. It can be used in a number of ways — it can be tossed like a frisbee, grabbed, pulled, and twisted. It can even float in the water! It is not a chew toy, but it is made to be extremely durable. This toy is made from FDA Food Grade materials that are “non-toxic and 100% recyclable”. This was designed with an “indestructible” feature in mind, but no toy is truly indestructible! This particular Bionic toy is great for medium sized dogs, from 15-35 lbs, or large dogs, that weigh 30-60 lbs. It is dishwasher safe!

Lulu surprised me when she gave this toy a chance — typically she is very picky about her toys, and although she does prefer rubber, she is usually most interested in things that are very small or things that squeak. She engaged in a little “tug of war” with me with this toy, and then did try and sit there chewing on it for awhile. I am glad it is relatively indestructible, because Lulu has broken many plastic toys in the past. We haven’t gotten her to understand a frisbee type of toy yet, so that may take awhile. This was one of the most expensive items in the PetBox, and she likes it, but it may be a tad big for her. I’m going to try bringing her to the dog park and throwing it!

Lickety Stix: Big Beef Treat
ARV: $5.99

This is another unique treat that was included in the PetBox. It is actually a liquid, which is contained within a plastic container that has a roller-ball on the end (think perfume bottle). All you have to do is hold the bottle, and your dog can lick the end of it, getting a yummy flavor as they do so. Lickety Stix are all-natural, and contain over 500 licks per bottle, so they are well worth the cost. There are only 50 calories in each 1.69 oz bottle. The other flavors that you can purchase include: Savory Chicken, Braised Liver, Smoky Bacon, Sharp Cheese, and Peanut Butter.

I couldn’t believe that this unusual treat was all-natural! It honestly smells like Ramen noodles, when you don’t put in enough water and the liquid is too concentrated. Despite me not enjoying the smell, Lulu went insane over this treat. I had to put the bottle up high so that she won’t attack it while I am gone. I didn’t like having to hold it for fifteen minutes, but she was really enjoying licking it! She got the concept right away. I think this is an awesome treat to bring in the car, or on trips, because it is really easy to transport and dogs clearly love it.

All-in-all, this PetBox had a higher value than what I would have paid for it. I thought it had a great selection of products, since there was a little of everything. I love it when subscription boxes don’t contain all of one brand, or all of one type of item. Lulu and I will really get use out of each of these items. I think it can probably be hard to create a generalized “surprise” box for dogs, because there can be such variation in size. PetBox did a great job of including items that work for every type of dog, not just my Dachshund! I really liked the fact that they are clearly selective with what types of brands they work with. Finding pet toys, food, and other assorted products that are all-natural can sometimes be difficult. I appreciate that they stuck to ingredients that I can trust. Clearly they value pets as much as I do! Lulu and I both highly recommend this subscription box company, especially if you order your boxes in three month increments or yearly, to save even more money!

Interested in learning more about PetBox? Check out the links below:

47 thoughts on “PetBox Subscription – July 2014: Review

  1. This is the box from heaven! Pet supplies can be so expensive and my dog is really picky so it's wonderful that there is an option (just like the beauty box options) for my dog.


  2. I love subscription boxes like PetBox and BarkBox! Pets are just as much apart of the family as any other member so why not spoil them to? So many cute fun items for such a great price ❤


  3. Your so lucky because you have different kind of pet boxes in your country. We don;t have pet subscription boxes here so I don't know what to expect in a box but I'm sure your dog is very happy 🙂


  4. I have 2 dogs and those are so cute! I gotta say the popcorn is such a great idea! I love pampering them too!xo,Dee Trillo @HauteFrugalista


  5. Awesome subscription, I had two dogs and always wanted something like this. This is a new brand too, I have not heard of it until today, my daughter has a pooch, nice surprise for her.


  6. This is a great subscription for those who have dogs. I don't have any pet right now but my MIL and SIL has dogs so I will be sharing this to them.


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