StickerYou Custom Stickers: Review and Giveaway!

 StickerYou is a company based out of Toronto, which was founded in 2008, by owner Andrew Witkin. Andrew was inspired by a trip he had taken to Los Angeles, where he realized how big of a part stickers play in local culture. He knew that there weren’t many outlets for creating customizable stickers, and he wanted to change this. StickerYou specializes in creating unique, customized sticker designs for businesses and individuals alike. Their mission is to help customers create high-quality, vinyl stickers for the promotion of businesses or home organization. StickerYou created the StickerMaker app, which makes the process of sticker-creating really simple, whether you are uploading your own image/logo, or you are using their pre-formed stock art library. StickerYou has been featured in several high-end media sources, such as: Wall Street Journal, National Post, Tech Vibes, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Globe and Mail.
StickerYou offers a HUGE variety of products which are not just limited to vinyl stickers; you can also purchase temporary tattoos, iron-on labels and transfers, wall and floor decals, and magnets! If you aren’t too imaginative, let me fill you in on just SOME of the uses for all of these items:
  • Bumper Stickers and Car Decals
  • Beverage and Food Labels
  • Stick-on Clothing Labels
  • Window Decals
  • Wedding Labels
  • Sticker Rolls for Businesses or Stickers for Children
  • Helmet Stickers
  • Logos
  • CD Labels
  • Address Labels
  • Laptop Labels
  • Kids’ ID Tag Labels
 StickerYou products are top-of-the-line, and can be removed without leaving residue behind. They are both writable and waterproof. If you have them on containers or jars, they are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe as well! StickerYou labels and stickers are resistant to damage from the sun. StickerYou can basically create anything your heart desires — they offer a full range of shapes, sizes, and quantities. Their stickers are die-cut from a high-quality, glossy vinyl which is incredibly durable. Unlike other companies, there is no minimum order!
How does the process of creating a StickerYou product work?
It’s really easy! You have the option of using StickerMaker Wizard for one design, or if you are making multiple copies of one design. You can use the PageMaker Classic if you are going to put putting one than one design on each page. The next step is decide whether you are going to upload a custom photo or logo, or if you are going to choose from StickerYou’s extensive library of images. If you are choosing a pre-made image, you can pick from categories such as: animals, art, brand stickers, business, college, entertainment, food and drink, holiday, kids, letters and numbers, music, people, religion and politics, sports, technology and games, or travel. Next, you choose a die-cut shape for your sticker. You can pick from: square/rectangular, rounded corners, circle/oval, fancy shape, heart shape, scallop shape, or starburst shape. There are also several pre-made templates to choose from, such as: water bottle wrap labels, rectangle kid labels, oval food labels, and a variety of selected shapes/sizes. Now you have more options — you can choose a specific size for your sticker, a background color, an additional image, or text. The StickerMaker App is very easy to use; you can see if your sticker is outside of the “safe area” for printing, which is green. Then you just choose whether you want a white or clear vinyl sticker, a tattoo, an iron-on label, a magnet, a kid’s label, or a stick-on clothing label. You can order as many pages of stickers as you want, and the cost will vary with each individual option that you have chosen.
Having the ability to customize stickers and labels is wonderful for creating gifts for any occasion, whether it is a child’s party or your significant other’s birthday. All ages can enjoy photos of themselves, their friends, and their pets on stickers, to decorate with or just to collect. The opportunities are endless! Customizable stickers are also great for businesses who want to create logos; these stickers can be used on cars, to place in packages to spread awareness, or to give away at the front desk for extra promotion! Creating your own sayings can be incredibly useful for labeling food containers, organizing bins in your home, or even decorating. You may want to use StickerYou’s image library if you are thinking of creating stickers for a classroom of children, or if you have a business such as a doctor’s office or a bank, where children frequently visit.

I received two pages of custom, white vinyl stickers from StickerYou for the purpose of this review. I was very excited, because although I hadn’t made my new blog logo at the time, I was ready for some tangible promotion! I have ways of promoting my blog online, but I don’t have anything to seal my envelopes with, or to pass out, to let people know about what I do in my spare time. I decided to use StickerYou’s StickerMaker Wizard to create two pages of a miniature blog logo that I put together quickly. The whole process was incredibly simple! I uploaded my picture, chose a square die-cut shape, and I was good to go! I chose the 1.5″ by 1.5″ size. My order would have come to $25.98 and $14.99 for shipping. To me, that’s a little high, regardless of high-quality, but there are ALWAYS coupons available on the StickerYou website! I loved my logo stickers when I received them; they are glossy and printed with detail and care. They are very durable stickers! I can’t wait to put them inside of and on the back of envelopes when I send snail-mail to companies, or send items to my winners. Many of you will probably be seeing them in the future! StickerYou, overall, is a great company..they are very user-friendly and customer oriented, and they get your quality labels/stickers to you in a hurry!

Interested in learning more about StickerYou? Check out the links below:

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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