Apothecary Extracts: Tea Tree Oil Review

 Apothecary Extracts is a company that was recently founded in 2013, which specializes in selling essential oils. Their founders wanted to produce essential oils which were not diluted or filled with unnecessary ingredients. Apothecary Extracts only manufactures high-quality essential oils with safe extraction processes and the highest potency.
Currently, Apothecary Extracts carries 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil; I was lucky enough to receive a 4 fl. oz bottle for the purpose of this review. Tea Tree Oil has many benefits that I was unaware of, and I had never used this particular oil before. I am very pleased that I was given this opportunity, because I love it.
 What is Tea Tree Oil?
Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia) comes from a tree that is native to Australia. It is harvested from the leaves of this plant, and has been in use for centuries. People have used tea tree oil for medicinal and topical purposes.
Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil contains no artificial coloring or fragrance; it also does not contain chemicals, preservatives, parabens, petroleum, or mineral oil. It is all-natural, and has been tested by gas chromatography for purity and safety. This particular formulation contains less than 15 cineole and over 30 terpinen-4-ol, which meets and exceeds the standards set for essential oils. The plant at which Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil is produced has received awards for its conservation farming practices; at the plant, they use organic fertilizers, minimal pesticides, and other things to reduce their ecological footprint. This Tea Tree Oil is colorless-pale yellow and has been extracted by steam distillation. Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil comes in a dark bottle with a euro style dropper. It has a medium to strong scent with tones of mint and spice. 
Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil should only be applied topically, and is not for ingestion. The company suggests doing a skin test before using this product if you are unfamiliar with Tea Tree Oil. All you have to is to dilute the oil with another oil such as olive oil or coconut oil (4 parts olive/coconut to one part tea tree oil), and test by spreading on a small patch of skin. You should avoid applying the Tea Tree Oil to any broken skin, or skin that is overly irritated.
What can Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil do for you? 
It has so many potential uses! Tea Tree Oil is an antimicrobial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent. It can be used topically to help fight infections, or it can be applied to any surface in your home to kill off microorganisms. It has been used in vapor therapy to help combat measles, sinus infections, viral infections, etc. It can also help against conditions such as toe fungus or yeast infections. Apothecary Extracts states that their Tea Tree Oil may be effective against helping to fight MRSA infections. This Tea Tree Oil is also great for other conditions affecting your hair and skin, such as: dandruff, acne, psoriasis, lice, cold sores, etc. It can also be used on pets that have fleas (which I will definitely try in the future if the need arises). Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil can also be used for household cleaning, as a natural alternative to chemical-ridden cleaners. Apothecary Extracts gives you tips and hints for creating household products in their guide. You can make a whole host of things, such as detergent, shower spray, kitchen cleaners, and bathroom disinfectants. You can also make body products which are very effective cleaners, such as shampoo, lotion, or body wash.
Right now, you can purchase the Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil here, on Amazon, for just $24.99/4 fl oz. bottle, with free shipping! If you are interested in trying the benefits of Tea Tree Oil, you can do so without worrying. If you are at all unsatisfied with your product, Apothecary Extracts offers a 30-day, 110% money-back guarantee — no questions asked! They are committed to providing great customer service. Each bottle of Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil comes with a 100-page guide that outlines different uses and recipes.
I found that there many times where Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil is now something I reach for. I feel like the bottle will last us a long time, even with frequent uses. I love the packaging and the fact that this Tea Tree Oil is not loaded with artificial ingredients, fragrances, or coloring. I try to avoid using chemicals on my skin as much as possible, since I know I am getting enough of them through makeup alone! The consistency of the oil is thin, and although it initially has that “oily” texture, it quickly is absorbed into the skin, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and more comfortable. I am not a huge fan of the scent…I find it to be pretty over-powering, albeit natural. It does linger for awhile as well, and I can see it being irritating to people who are sensitive to strong smells. That being said, the scent does not detract from this Tea Tree Oil’s healing properties. My boyfriend has been using it on his irritated feet, and although there was no change for me to photograph, he felt like it really helped with his infection, and sped up the healing process. I have been putting it on the side of my face to try and treat what I believe are stress-related bouts of mild acne; I think that it may be helping. I am glad that I have this product on hand for the future, especially in winter, when I start to come down with every sickness that pops up. 
Apothecary Extracts’ Tea Tree Oil is a really effective, natural cleaner as well. I used it on my bathroom sink and my kitchen counters so far. Again, aside from the smell, it did a great job at removing debris and (hopefully) bacteria. I would love to try making it into a shower spray or body wash. The tips that Apothecary Extracts includes are very helpful. Overall, I was extremely pleased with this product, and will definitely be using it for more purposes in the future!
Interested in learning more about Apothecary Extracts and their products? Check out the links below:
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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