eSutras Organics Golden Flax Seed: Review


eSutras Organics is a company based out of Chicago, IL, that specializes in manufacturing and selling natural health and wellness products, as well as vegetarian foods. All of their products are created in a USDA-certified organic factory right in Chicago. eSutras Organics works with farmers and fair-trade manufacturers to obtain the highest-quality, natural ingredients. This company was created with the idea in mind of providing consumers with an eco-friendly alternative to health and beauty products. Everything is created in small batches and is given an affordable price. eSutras Organics gives 10% of profits back to the people and the communities who support their business.
eSutras Organics has something for everyone, including items such as:

  • Chocolate and Cocoa
  • Teas and Tisanes
  • Spices and Seasonings
  • Gourmet Salts and Dips
  • Oils and Condiments
  • Botanicals and Herbs
  • Sugars and Sweeteners
  • Supplements
  • Essential Oils
  • Skin and Hair Care
  • Superfoods

 I received one 8 oz. bottle of eSutras Organics’ Golden Flax Seed for the purpose of this review. I was excited to receive this product because I have heard about many of the benefits that flax seed can bring. I have tried flax seed only on muffins that I have purchased in the past, but never had a bottle to try on any other types of food at home. 
Flax seed has long been known to be a “superfood“, given its potent combination of three main components: alpha linolenic acids, fiber, and lignans. Alpha linolenic acid is a variety of Omega-3 fatty acid, which are the “good” fats. Lignans contain antioxidants and plant estrogen. We all know how important fiber is, and flax seed really packs a punch, containing both the soluble and insoluble types (per WebMD). eSutra Organics’ Golden Flax Seed is best used when ground in a coffee grinder, and sprinkled over your favorite foods. They suggest putting it on smoothies, salads, soup, or even cereal. I have seen a lot of people put it on sandwiches, baked goods, and yogurts or parfaits. You can really put it on anything that you desire, or even eat it plain. eSutras Organics suggests refrigerating your flax seed grounds to retain optimal freshness. If you are going to add the Golden Flax seed to cooked cereal or grain dishes, they also suggest that you do this at the end of cooking, since the flax seeds will thicken your liquid. 
What are the potential benefits of the Golden Flax Seed?
Many! One of the greatest benefits that it can have is to aid in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, given its antioxidant properties. Everyone knows that fish oil and Omega-3 are great for heart health, but rarely do we think of flax seed as containing these important ingredients. The Golden Flax Seed also has implications in being preventative against certain types of cancer, such as prostate, colon, and breast. The alpha linolenic acid found in the flax seeds has been shown to inhibit tumor growth in animal models. Flax Seed can also help with regulating metabolism and can act as a natural laxative. It can help lower cholesterol levels and may be beneficial to people suffering from diabetes. The fiber content serves as a great source of energy and nutrition. Flax seed may have preventative properties against strokes and blood clot formation. It is also great for easing inflammatory conditions and some skin conditions.
 eSutras Organics’ Golden Flax Seed contains, per 8 oz. container, 23 servings. Each serving is one tbsp and has 55 calories, 4g of fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 3mg of sodium, 3g of carbs, and 2g of protein. The only ingredient is organic golden flax seed — there are no preservatives or additives. The container has a top which allows you to pour or sprinkle the flax seeds on your food. Right now, you can purchase eSutras Organics’ Golden Flax Seed on their website, here, for just $5.00. For the size of the container, this is really a steal!
 I was really pleased with eSutras Organics’ Golden Flax Seed. I love the design of the container — I just leave it out on the counter to inspire myself to sprinkle it on random foods as I am making lunch or dinner, as if it were any other seasoning. I feel like if you get in a habit of doing this, it just becomes second nature. I love adding the Golden Flax Seed to baked goods, salads, and certain sandwiches the most…I didn’t really get into the cereal part. It is relatively tasteless, so it really will go with just about any type of food. It is such an easy step to take to improve your health in so many ways that I wonder why more people aren’t doing it. I love knowing that I am giving my body that extra layer of protection against disease. It is nice to know that this particular flax seed is made in the United States and is organic and cruelty free. You can really tell that this company cares about providing a high-quality product. I would suggest the Golden Flax Seed to anyone who is facing one of the conditions listed above, or who wants to engage in preventative healthcare. You won’t regret it, because it is one change you can make that won’t involve any time or thought.

Interested in learning more about eSutras Organics? Check out the links below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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