PhantomFit Resistance Band Review

PhantomFit is a company that launched recently, this year, founded by two marketing and fitness experts. PhantomFit specializes in manufacturing products that will help both the beginner and the master become more fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Right now, PhantomFit sells two high-quality products: Resistance loop bands and Wrist Wraps. They will be coming out with new products soon, so make sure to check back and see what they come up with! PhantomFit only sells 100% genuine fitness products. 
I received one set of PhantomFit Resistance Bands for the purpose of conducting this review. Although my workouts and lifestyle changes haven’t been going exactly as planned, I have been trying to integrate more physical activities since this summer, to combat long hours of sedentary studying. I had heard of resistance bands and had seen them used in some at-home workout videos, as well as at workout classes offered at my school, but I had never ventured into trying them. 
What does PhantomFit’s Resistance Band Kit come with?
  • One Blue “light” band
  • One Red “medium” band
  • One Green “heavy” band
  • One Black “x-heavy” band
You will also receive a nylon carrying case to hold your resistance bands, which is perfect for transporting them to the gym or to your workout classes. You will also receive a free mp3 download with PhantomFit’s favorite songs to get your next workout up to speed!

These resistance bands are made from a very durable latex and are clearly labeled for optimum use. They are resistant to snapping (made to be long-lasting) and they are lightweight and super portable.  You will be surprised at all the benefits you can get in a workout from using resistance bands. They can be used for arm, ankle, and leg workouts alike. If you aren’t very fit or you want to start your workout slowly, you can start with the blue, “light” band and work your way up through the different resistance levels that PhantomFit’s kit offers. You can also combine different bands to create new workouts. This is really a cost effective way to improve your strength.
PhantomFit’s Resistance Bands can be used in conjunction with any sort of exercise that you are familiar or comfortable with. Some examples are using the resistance bands instead of weights for bicep curls, or during your squats and lungs. They are also great for stretching. If you search the Internet, you can also find new exercises that are compatible with resistance bands if you want to expand on your old workout. Adding these bands is helpful for even the most fit athletes, as varying your workout targets new muscles in different ways to help build strength. Resistance bands can help improve your stamina, range of motion, and flexibility. They are often used as simple physical therapy exercises that you can perform at home. Many people use resistance bands to help nurture torn ligaments or sprained muscles. PhantomFit’s Resistance Bands are also great for use in Crossfit exercises and yoga sessions!
Resistance bands can be combined with other types of equipment for an even more versatile exercise routine. Since they are so light-weight, they are easy to transport and great to bring on trips, if you want to pack light but still be able to workout when you get to your destination. They are fun to use at home by yourself, or at the gym or classes — anything goes!
Right now, you can purchase the PhantomFit Resistance Band kit on Amazon, here, for just $13.99; if you have Amazon Prime, you will qualify for free shipping. You have nothing to lose, because PhantomFit Resistance Bands come with a 100%, hassle-free money back guarantee! If one breaks, it will be replaced (but I highly doubt you’ll have to worry about that).
PhantomFit’s Resistance Band Kit has many awesome features. I love that it came with a little carrying case, and that there are so many options for different resistances. I have been starting with the light and medium bands as I work my way back into exercising and strength training, but I appreciate being able to challenge myself, or having the other bands to work into as I get stronger. Resistance bands are great for both men and women — my boyfriend has been sharing them with me as he too starts to get back into working out, and loves the extra challenge that they offer. We both like switching up the combinations of bands. I find that the resistance bands are different than the ones with handles, giving a little less range of motion for certain exercises. They are very durable, and I never feel like they are going to snap or injure me. I have mostly used them in my upper body for stretching and biceps curls, but I have also been starting to try using them with more yoga and pilates-inspired workouts. I just got a new yoga mat, so I am excited to try this new winning combination. I have found a ton of videos online that give me even more ideas of how to use the resistance bands to add variety to my workout. I have been using them only at home, but once fitness classes start back up at school, I will bring them with me. I also think this is a great tool to bring with you to a private beach, because the bands aren’t hard to transport at all and can be used in almost any setting. Overall, I am really pleased with the PhantomFit Resistance Band kit, and so is my boyfriend. I would recommend this as an inexpensive way to try a new workout, or as a gift for a friend who is active.
Interested in learning more about PhantomFit and their products? Check out the links below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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