Vigilant Tea: Certified Organic Green Tea Powder Review and Giveaway!


 Vigilant Tea is a company that specializes in manufacturing organic green tea powder; the owners sought out an alternative to coffee which would provide the same long-lasting energy with better health benefits. Vigilant Tea makes sure that customers receive only the healthiest and best tasting organic green tea powder. They conduct meticulous heavy metal testing on their product, and guarantee optimum nutritional content without toxins, by eliminating the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. Vigilant Tea’s Organic Green Tea Powder comes from China.

I received one 100g pouch (one month supply) of Vigilant Tea’s Certified Organic Green Tea for the purpose of this review. Vigilant Tea’s Certified Organic Green Tea Powder comes in handy, resealable pouch and contains no other ingredient besides 100% Organic Green Tea — there are no preservatives, additives, or fillers. This green tea powder is rich in antioxidants, and is very easy to use, with many food applications! All you have to do with the powder is to add 1/2 – 1 teaspoon to hot water, a smoothie, or any other food that you desire. At one serving per day (one teaspoon per serving), a 100g pouch of Organic Green Tea Powder will last you approximately one month.

What are some of the benefits of using Vigilant Tea’s Certified Organic Green Tea Powder?
First of all, one teaspoon of the green tea powder contains as much caffeine as an entire cup of coffee. You can cut many of the calories from sweetened coffee drinks (like lattes), as well as any negative side-effects by drinking green tea, while still enjoying the same boost during your morning routine or your late-night study session. Vigilant Tea’s Organic Green Tea Powder is great for anyone who is very sensitive to caffeine, or experiences side-effects such as shakes or jitters, because it allows for a slower, more natural absorption of caffeine. You will still feel energized, but it will have a more “organic” feel, rather than the sudden burst of energy that coffee provides. You will not experience the crash and burn that you get from coffee because of this aspect. Using green tea powder instead of brewing tea leaves actually increases the amount of nutrients that you will receive from your beverage. This has been common practice in countries such as Japan and China for centuries. Vigilant Tea’s Organic Green Tea Powder contains an active ingredient known as “flavonoids”, which are potent antioxidants; you receive many more of them and their beneficial effects when using green tea powder.


As most people know, green tea, in any form, can have a whole host of positive effects. Studies have suggested that green tea can help with the regulation of metabolism and weight control, as well as conditions such as type II diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease. Green tea also has implications in protecting DNA from damage, helping to prevent cancer, and working as an anti-allergen product to improve the function of your immune system.Vigilant Tea’s Organic Green Tea Powder can be used to make face masks and other beauty products, can be made into lattes or smoothies, and can also be put in many food products.
Right now, you can purchase Vigilant Tea’s Certified Organic Green Tea Powder on the Vigilant Tea website, here. A one-month supply (100g) retails for $39.95 and a three-month supply (three bags at 100g each) retails for just $89.95.

I really loved Vigilant Tea’s Organic Green Tea Powder; it was much sweeter (in a natural way) than I had anticipated, which is great, because I don’t like drinks that are too bitter. I don’t know if I have it in me to COMPLETELY replace my morning and afternoon coffee with green tea, but I definitely could substitute it once in awhile, especially if I get more creative with my recipes. I have mostly been adding my green tea powder to water, but now that I have a smoothie maker, I anticipate making some green tea smoothies in the near future. I have enjoyed bringing the green tea in an insulated bottle with me to class, especially when it starts at eight in the morning! Vigilant Tea’s Organic Green Tea Powder did give me noticeable energy with just one teaspoon — it takes a lot of caffeine to make me REALLY awake, but I would definitely say that one teaspoon was comparable to a cup of coffee. It was enough to keep me going through class without nodding off. I like the taste, and the fact that I am not ingesting anything unnatural. I think green tea powder is a lot more healthy than mixed coffee drinks, and I could probably benefit from drinking it more in the future…especially come fall, when my immune system doesn’t seem to be up to par! I recommend this product to anyone who is a coffee junkie and wants to try something new, or to anyone who loves a very natural energy boost to help them through a long day.

Interested in learning more about Vigilant Tea? Check out the links below:

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