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I’m sure you have all heard of the successful band “One Direction”, but have you had a chance to check out their new and extensive makeup line? This limited-edition cosmetics collection is available at many major retailers throughout the country and beyond, including Lord and Taylor, Macy’s, ULTA, Sears, Target, Dillard’s, etc. This collection was created by Markwins International, which is the company behind brands such as Physicians Formula, Wet n Wild, The Color Institute, and more.

The One Direction Makeup Line continues to introduce makeup sets with fresh and fun packaging that are perfect for young women or One Direction enthusiasts. Their colors are bold and the cosmetics that they offer in each package are unique and exciting. They are also affordable, and make for a nice collection.

Today, I am reviewing three exclusive One Direction makeup kits that just hit stores in mid-November. These kits include: Electroglam Mascara, Liquilights Glow Gloss, and the Rock me Nail Kit. I received these kits in exchange for my honest opinions about the One Direction line.

The Electroglam Mascara kit comes with three “electric” colors:

  • Why Don’t we Go There? – Bright blue
  • Story of my Life – Canary yellow
  • Does he know? – Hot pink

These tubes are complete with a wand that can be used for accenting your eyelashes with a pop of color, or highlighting your hair. As a mascara, the Electroglam colors can be layered to build pigment, and can also lightly line the tips of your lashes for a more subtle look. As a hair mascara, you can be very creative — you can create streaks, multi-colored patterns with the trio, or even your own design. All you have to do is drag the wand down a patch of your hair, just as you would your lashes.

Below, I have shown the Story of My Life Electroglam Mascara on my mom’s (who was nice enough to model for me) top lashes, and the Why Don’t we Go There? on her bottom lashes. This is probably not a look that most middle-aged women would want to rock, but I think the blue and the pink would be really pretty for a night out, or to add some pop to a grungy summer style. Unlike many colored mascaras I have tried in the past, these actually are buildable and very noticeable, as you can see. There was no flaking, and my mom noted that they had relatively good staying power throughout the day. The wand is easy to use as an applicator and gets all lashes evenly.

 I have also shown Why Don’t we Go There? and Does he Know? on streaks of my mom’s hair. She has dark brown hair, and both colors were very pigmented. However, the application was not quite as seamless as it was on the lashes — it seemed to clump her curls together and was a little stiff and streaky; this look definitely takes more precision, and a little fiddling with. Again, the pigment is great, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to great it to look as flawless as I want without tangling my hair.

The Liquilights Glow Gloss comes with three UV-reactive lip glosses:

  • Kiss You – Orange glitter that will glow neon yellow under UV light
  • Taken – Pink glitter gloss that glows neon yellow under UV light
  • Through the Dark – A reddish-pink gloss that glows neon red-orange under UV light

Yes, that’s right…these lip glosses will glow under UV light, at your next party or concert, and are sure to make you the center of attraction. Unfortunately I did not have a UV light to show these working their magic, but I heard from a friend that the glow is very obvious. These .23 fl oz glosses are very sparkly and can be worn alone or on top of matte/cream lipsticks to enhance their color even more. Each Liquilight Glow Gloss contains Vitamin E as a moisturizing agent to keep your lips soft throughout the day.

Below I have shown swatches of the gloss on my lips, in order of Kiss You, Taken, and Through the Dark. My favorite was Taken, which was the most pigmented. Kiss You was a little too orange for my taste, but might be cute for a special event. For younger girls, the sparkle will be AWESOME, but I warn older girls (twenty-somethings, like me) that these are best paired with some neutral eyes, and you will still be sparkling when you take the Glow Gloss off. That being said, these have a nice formula and are not sticky, but nice and smooth, and I could see myself adding them to my nighttime look.

The Rock Me Nail Art Kit contains three exclusive UV-reactive polishes and three UV-reactive loose nail glitters, including:

  • Moments – Neon pink
  • Diana – 3D Holographic Top Coat
  • Happily – Cobalt Blue
  • Kicks – Baby blue glitter topping
  • Star – Holographic, pinkish glitter topping
  • Not Afraid – Hot pink glitter topping

Again, this One Direction makeup kit includes UV-reactive beauty supplies, which is pretty neat, especially for parties. These polishes and glitters are great for day or night, and can be worn in so many different combinations depending on your mood or taste. The glitters come in little pots and are loose, so you can choose to shake them onto your nails, or to dip your nails into the pot. You can create a full glitter effect by covering your whole nail, or try for a glitter gradient or abstract “French” manicure by just covering the tips. The top coat is great over one of the other polishes for a more dramatic effect.

In this first picture, I have shown “Moments” on all fingers, with two accent nails: “Star” on the index finger and “Not Afraid” on the ring finger. This is two coats of Moments — there is coverage, but the polish is still very sheer and not as cream as I am used to. It also seems to take awhile to dry, so be careful not to try to grab things before they have dried completely. The glitter is so much fun! Star is my favorite, hands down. It is mesmerizing to look at, and the holographic nature really catches the light. The glitter actually stays on very well; just be careful when you are shaking it on to have something underneath to prevent a glitter explosion. Not Afraid gives the polish that extra something that makes it a really cool manicure.

In the other picture below, we have “Happily” on every nail, with “Star” on the thumb (because why not?), “Kicks” on the pinky finger, and the 3D top coat Diana on the ring finger. Happily was less sheer than the pink polish in two coats, but still ended up smudging before we would have liked. However, we were really impressed with the glitter and the 3D top coat – this manicure really packs a punch, and I think the blue is especially pretty with the glitter for a New Year’s Eve look!


  •  All the makeup was very pigmented
  • The Electroglam Mascara worked better for us on lashes than hair
  • The lip gloss was not sticky and stayed on well but is very sparkly
  • The nail polish has nice colors, but is sheer and does not dry super fast
  • The nail glitters have amazing and very unique colors which stay on well and are easy to apply

Interested in learning more about the One Direction Makeup Line? Check out the links below:


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