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Paula Dorf Cosmetics is a company based out of New York, New York, that specializes in creating professional-grade cosmetic brushes and beauty products. They hope to empower women and help them to “become their own makeup artist”. Paula Dorf is well-known for its wide array of unique products, such as the Clean-up Stick that erases makeup mistakes and the Perfect Illusion that helps tackle lip feathering. Whether you like to paint your nails, show off your lips, or enhance your eyes, you will find the perfect product at Paula Dorf. 
Paula Dorf Cosmetics has been featured on several celebrities, in issues of the magazines Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Allure, and In Style. They have also won several awards for their beauty products, such as the Fashion Group International “Rising Star Entrepreneur of the Year” and many “Allure: Best of Beauty” awards. 
Today, we are taking a look at the Paula Dorf Aztec City Eyeshadow Palette, which I received for free in exchange for my honest opinions. This eyeshadow palette contains five shades and one applicator in a .30 oz container.  It retails for $36 on the Paula Dorf website, and you can find it, here
The Aztec City Palette contains a mixture of mattes and shimmer, and has a nice blend of basic colors, including white, teal, mauve, tan, and dark brown. The brush that is included is double-ended, with a wider side for heavy application and a more narrow side for filling in your crease or perfecting/feathering your edges. Paula Dorf describes the Aztec City Palette as follows:
“From the desert sand to the crisp blue sky this Aztec City Palette has it all! With just the right balance of professional and flirty, this palette lets you decide between knockout nudes, classy colors or a mesmerizing mix of both. These five shades allow you to customize your look and transform your mindset to the bronzed beauty of the desert. The sleek mirrored case also contains a specially designed double-ended brush for the perfect application. For a more dramatic effect, use with Paula Dorf Transformer.”
The Aztec City Eyeshadow Palette contains the following ingredients:
Mica; Dimethicone, Talc; Dimethicone, Dimethicone, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Magnesium Stearate, Solum Diatomeae, Capryl Glycol & Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Piroctone Olamine
Below, I have a picture of the swatches of the each shade, going from the white to the dark brown. As you can see, some of the shades are more pigmented than others. I have also included a photo of my mom (who was kind enough to be my model today) wearing a blend of the white, the tan, and the dark brown for an alteration on a smokey look that is appropriate for day or night. We used the Paula Dorf brush included with the palette to blend the three colors together, starting with the lightest on the inside and the darkest color in the crease.

 Overall, we found that the eyeshadow goes on easily, but that it is not heavily pigmented. The most pigmented colors are the teal and the dark brown. It took several layers of white to achieve the look that we have below. It is easy to blend with the brush, and the colors are definitely complementary, so visually the palette makes sense. The teal is my favorite shade, although the “pop” is still subtle. This palette would be ideal for someone who likes to keep things subtle, and who desires to have some neutral shades, but also wants to have one or two shades to play around with for a night out on the town. It is definitely professionally-geared, and appropriate for all ages, skin colors, and eye colors. The size makes it handy for something to slip into your purse for touch-ups throughout the day, and the mirror is a nice addition. The shimmer is not overwhelming at all, and there are no large flakes of glitter or fall out as you are applying the shades. It has pretty good staying power, but works better with an eye primer as a base. I personally prefer more pigmented shades with less layers necessary; although I like the colors this is a little too subtle for me.
  • Mixture of nudes with a pop of teal and mauve
  • Mattes with a hint of shimmer
  • Easy application
  • Includes a high-quality brush and mirror
  • Blendable and complementary
  • Not super pigmented
  • Forms layers, but takes a lot to build appreciable pigment
  • Very subtle and professional
Special coupon offer for readers: Use code TEAL to receive a free Paula Dorf Teal Mascara with any purchase!
Interested in learning more about Paula Dorf? Check out the links below:
What do you think – have you tried the Aztec City Eyeshadow Palette or other Paula Dorf products?

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